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    Hey everyone,
    For a cooking challenge this week we have to make dish from Canada. The only problem is that I live in Los Angeles and outside of Canadian Bacon and poutine I have no idea what other dishes would be considered Canadian. Anyone have any suggestion?

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    HMMMMMMM. Ok, lets see. Canada is a extremely diversified country. In the Maritime provinces, there is something called Donar or a Jiggs Dinner. Plus seafood dishes. In Quebec, depending on the region, you can have game pie (wild game Tortiere), or cuisine from the first French settlers, soups and stews and of course pork. No Idea about Ontario but i would imagine it could be lamb or beef but really i have no idea. West of Ontario, in the prairie provinces a lot of Ukrainians and other Slavic nationalities settled there. So i instantly think or pirogies, borscth, kielbassa, sourcrout, etc. Tons of ethnic people live in Alberta and British Columbia. So no clue either.

    Actually i am clueless in Quebec but hopefully some other people can offer insights.

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