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    Thanks for looking! PM me if interested in doing a trade!

    Please note the following:
    ~ I prefer to trade minimum $15 to make the cost of postage worthwhile.
    ~ Rare/HV/B1G1/FPC's - Will only trade these for other HV/FPC's, etc. on my WL.
    ~ If your envelope is over 30g I will require stamp(s) to cover the additional postage.
    ~ If you find something you want on my TL, please have a look at my wishlist (at the bottom of this thread) to ensure you have something in return before PM'ng me
    ~ Sorry... I'm not able to use French coupons.
    ~ Please ask about specific wording if you are looking for 'stackable' coupons
    ~ I have multiples of most, unless otherwise indicated by the number in brackets i.e. (1)

    (my wishlist is at the bottom)

    I have multiples of most coupons below (unless otherwise indicated in brackets)

    Arm &Hammer Essentials toothpaste $1 good on 90ml 65335990 exp Mar 31/21
    Authentica World Cuisine pasta sauce $1 any variety 9100115 exp June 30 /21

    Becel &1 on any plant-based bricks product 454g. 24500158 exp Jul 31/21
    Blue True Solutions $20 on any bag of dry cat food. 15522161 exp 1/5/21 (1)
    Blue True Solutions $1 on any two cans of wet cat food 15522162 exp 1/5/21 (1)
    Borges $.50 on any product 84400882 exp Dec 31/20

    Caf-Lib $.50 on any 4250691 NED
    Carnation $2 on a 6 pack of Breakfast Essentials ready to drink 10049059 exp June 1/21 (1)
    Carnation $2 on Breakfast Essentials powdered breakfast drink mix 10x40g sachets 10049062 exp June 1/21 (1)
    Castello $1 on any 200g cheese. 72008384 exp Oct 31/20
    Cetaphil $3 good on any (excluding 60ml, 10 ct. cloths, 1 ct. bar). 38307515. Exp March 31/21
    Clover Leaf bistro bowls $1 good on spanish medley 170g, mexican rice 170g, mediterranean pasta 170g. 25410932 exp Feb 28/21
    Coyote $.50 on any product NED

    Dove $1 on any body wash(excludes trial/travel, Men+Care) 89291270 exp Dec 31/20
    Dove $2 on any 74g stick or 86g/107g dry spray 89291264 exp Dec 31/20
    Dove Men+Care/Axe/Degree menís product $1. (Excludes trial/travel size) 89201154 exp Dec 7/20

    Filippo Berio $2 10907665. Exp Dec 31/20

    Garden Lites FPC (Gluten Free products) max $3.99 55101963 exp Dec 31/20
    Garnier $3wub2 (excluding travel, Skin Active Masks, Bio). 46981295 exp Dec 31/20
    Greenfield 1 free lunchkit wub bacon/wieners/sausages/ham/deli meats 00617215 exp Dec 31/20
    Greenfield $2 on any natural meat product 00617202 exp Dec 31/20

    Halo Top $1 70001714 exp Dec 31/20
    HeluvaGood $.50 on sour cream dip 5071497 exp Dec 31/20

    Island Farms $1.50 off any ice cream. 8450945. Exp Dec 31/20

    Keebler $.75 on any Ready Crust 84400159 NED
    Keebler $.75 on Waffle Bowls OR Waffle NED
    Kelloggs Mini Wheats $1 on any 400g-700g 71587947 exp Dec 31/20
    Kraft $1 on 1kg jar of peanut butter extra roasted 05553583 exp Dec 31/20
    Kraft $1wub2 salad dressings 475ml, any variety. 05553596 exp Oct 31/20

    Maille $1 on all gherkins including Malossol 4250799 NED (1)

    New York Style
    $1WUB2 on any 4250692

    Queen St Bakery B1G1 on any bakery item 27000112 exp Dec 31/20 (1)
    Queen St Bakery $2 on an bakery item 27000110 exp March 31/21 (2)

    Riviera coconut milk yogurt FPC good on 650g. 3350139 exp Apr 30/21 (1)
    Riviera coconut milk yogurt FPC good on 500g. 3350148 exp Aug 31/21 (1)
    Robin Hood $1 on organic all purpose flour 09245567 exp Apr 30/21

    Sabra $1 good on any one product 227g or larger. 10401318 exp Dec 31/20
    eattle's Best $1 on any 340g bag coffee 84404640 NED
    Secret $1 on aluminum free product. 0037000-208903 exp Jan 31/21
    Sharwood's $.50 good on any product 84408251
    Sharwood's $.75 84408192 (peelie) NED
    Similac Go & Grow Step 3 Ready to use 6x235ml, or 850g powder can 18226049 exp Dec 31/20 (1)
    Sponge Towels $1 good on any paper towel, 6 pack or larger 12021244 exp Dec 31/20
    SunRype $.25 on one 355ml Tea 22310721 exp Nov 30/20
    SunRype $.50 on one 355ml Tea 22310718 (hang tag) exp Nov 30/20
    SunRype B3G1. Sparling teas 355ml. 22310633. Exp Nov 30/20

    TreStelle $.60 on any purchase 72008371 exp Feb 28/21
    Typhoo $.75 on 80ct regular or 80ct decaf 07505212 NED (1)

    Uncle Ben's B1G1 Natural Select 08325857 NED

    Wilkin & Sons jams $1 on any 4250555 NED


    Will trade generously for items on my WL !

    Sorry.....not looking for stamps at this time
    No French

    Maple Leaf company mailout
    Greenfield bacon

    Hain Celestial
    Quesava Poppers FPC
    Que Pasa FPC
    Live Clean GOA - let me know which ones you have (NO french, Spa Therapy or baby pls)
    Pacific Organic good on soup/broth FPC
    Everland organic
    Classico organic FPC
    Hellman's mayo (good on organic)
    TreStelle $5 company mailout
    Litehouse FPC
    Asian Home Gourmet
    RiceWorks chips FPC
    Patience Fruit Co $2 or FPC
    Sahala $2
    Prana nuts
    Mannís $2 peelies
    Organic Meadows FPC
    Traditional Medicinals tea

    Haagen Dazs

    Woolwich goat cheese (or other brands)
    Rice Dream
    Natura (good on Rice beverage)
    Burtís Bees GOA
    Seventh Generation (good on dish soap)
    $3 Purex, Scotties, etc. company mailout
    Royale $5 voucher

    Or propose ! Always looking for healthy/organic foods (No baby/pets)
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    Added Lightlife FPC, Dove Men/Axe, etc

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    Added Dove bodywash & deodorant

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    Added Riviera FPCs, Robin Hood, Carnation etc

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