So, I just could not help myself but put my first post after my intro post here. I think this deal is what drove me to sign up.

I recently moved to a new city and was grocery shopping to fill my birthday present to myself, a beautiful upright freezer (huge, $500 off, energy efficient and a lot easier for me to manage the carnivores in my house).

So, I popped into my local Zehrs to pick up a few things and this wonderfully friendly woman pointed out to me an amazing deal on boneless skinless chicken thighs. Managers special 4 days left on the best before date, large 2 kilo or more trays....around $1 each! I picked up like 20. I grabbed a 3 foot long, super thick pork loin for $15....then ransacked the rest of the meat section and the deals just kept on coming. I was grabbing ground beef, steak, chicken wings, roasts. Deals galore. Managers specials with 50% off stickers were hitting me left, right and centre!
I have always been good at sniffing out a deal and knowing the economics around food prices. I calculated that I spent around $150 on meat, that if I paid full price for would have been around $600!

Anyways, I now know where I will be going every Thursday morning.


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