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    Ok, so I just joined and there was a thingy saying I should post a thread here to introduce myself and that's why I'm here.


    A bit about myself....

    I like to walk my dog who currently has his head in my lap as I type this watching my fingers go all over the keyboard. He's a Poodle, I think. He's very fluffy and I affectionately refer to him as "Sir Fluffy Butt".

    I'm addicted to music. Seriously. I don't drink, smoke, gamble, do drugs or even drink coffee, but I'll spend hours scouring the internet for new music I have not been exposed to before, even if "new" to me means some 1920's jazz record I haven't heard already. 1930's big band? Oh yes! 1940's bluegrass? Give me more! Scandinavian neo-folk-metal? Yup! Klezmer?? Absolutely! Zydeco? Gimme that Buckwheat groove! Oh yaaaa....

    i think I may be going crazy.

    But, ya, HI!!!!
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    Welcome to the board!
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