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Thread: Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit Caregiving Benefit

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    anyone here applied for the "Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit Caregiving Benefit"
    my friend just finish her Maternity and Parental Benefits
    and she was thinking of applying for the Caregiving Benefit
    Her son will be turning 1 next month
    due to concern about Covid - she has not plan (or called) for anyone to babysit her child or drop off the child to a daycare

    she's a little confused about the option to select below
    Selecting the first 2 required her to enter Institution Information (Name/Address of Daycare)
    Selecting the first last one, only required her to enter her child's name and age
    * Select the option that best describes why you were caring for a family member during the week for which you are applying :
    • The school, daycare, day program, or care facil ity was closed, operating under an alternative schedule, or only open for certain people for reasons related to COVID-19."
    • They could not attend school, daycare, day program, or care facility under the advice of a medical professional due to being at high risk if they contractCOVID-19 ."
    • They were experiencing symptoms, had tested positive, were recovering from COVID-19, or were advised to isolate for reasons related to COVID-19."
    • The caregiver who usually provides care or the care services that are normally provided at their regular place of residence were not available for reasons related to COVID-19."

    ================================ She thinks she should select the last option
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    it really doesn't sound like any of them apply to me-I am not sure that if you just decide to stay home with your baby that you can collect this.
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    I agree with Lizzie, it does not look like your friend would qualify for this program because the Government would view it as her choice not to return to work. There is nothing based on what was explained in the first post that is stopping her from working in the eyes of the government.
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