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Thread: Shoppers Drug Mart (ON, gta) May 15 - 20

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    Expired on: Fri, May 21st, 2021
    This round of flyers is dedicated to the amazing @Ciel = @Ciel21

    As usual, SDM is the last sneak peek from me. Friendly wave to visitors! Intelligent Canadians always appreciate a visit.

    To Ciel: Thank you for being YOU.

    That's all I really wanted to say this week. You are stronger than I knew, and I give a huge nod of respect to you. Every time I see Baby Yoda, I think of you...and that's a gift, in itself. ;-)

    Honestly, though...? I think you're better than Baby Yoda.

    That's all, folks! Cheers to everyone, and appreciate those around you.
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    $2.99 Oasis juice! Great price-must remember to get there early on Sat morn or else look at empty shelf!

    *admiring the Asus laptops-the 15.6 one with double the memory of the Lenovo one I have* Another thing on list-to call the bigger SDM stores to ask for the ink refills if they are in stock. I still have printer paper

    Gee, @cyn88canada , you are giving me all the fuzzy/warm feelings! Now, can you mind meld with the family at home and convince them that I am that wonderful? #TheyDontThinkSo

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