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Thread: PC app not working

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    Can anyone help?

    For quite a while now, I've had issues trying to log into my PC optimum with my app. I log out in order to get to DH account but when I try to log in with either his or mine, it prompts me email/password incorrect. I've tried deleting the app, then re installing but this only lets me log in once, if even once, then same issue incorrect email/password. On the off chance it is letting me log in, I am using the same email and password that I use when it tells me that it is incorrect. This happens on my computer as well -trying to log in with no luck. I've tried chatting with PC but they say its technical issue and should be resolved but this has been happening for months off and on. Any help or suggestions would be very much apprecited. Thanks
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    Does changing which browser you use make a difference on the computer? I recall last summer, PC Opt would not let me get in on Chrome and gave me same error messages despite correct email addy and password. Got out of Chrome, used Firefox(this was on the library's Apple computer)-usually took only 1-2 tries and I got in.

    Check to see if your browser is updating correctly. Sometimes the problem is really on PC Optimum's end.
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    I have no problem at midnight the day the offers are there but the tuesday I usually get is the app the problem for me. not the computer.I tried on the cellphone app and was the same thing too
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