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Thread: No Frills (ON, gta) Aug 25 - 31

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    dededi! This round of flyers if for you, you, you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the coffee!!!!!

    (I fell into a cave funk, but I'm climbing out, and I'll send you a personal thanks soon...if my laptop cooperates!)

    Next: just FreshCo and Food Basics, then I'll slowly get the rest up if reese's doesn't beat me to it.
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    Want to buy me a coffee? You can! But, you don't have to! In fact, I encourage you not to. ('Cuz postage is ridiculous). But, if you insist on it...well, you can drop a buck, or two, here: I emphasize, you do NOT have to -- a coffee icon tossed my way is gold. + =
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    Thank you very much for posting!

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    Thanks for posting Cyn!

    A little note, it seems that the flyer for those outside of the GTA (I checked St.Catharines for example), the Steak and Peaches are NOT advertised on the front page. Not sure if they will be available or not...

    Also a great deal for the Cauliflower, various stores will have it for less than $2.00 a head (RCSS, Food Basics, Freshco). So if it isn't already at that price, you can get 4 for less than $8.00 AND 4,000Pts back (Even better if you have a personal offer)!
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