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Thread: No Frills Price Matching - Limit 4 per Written Ad?

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    Has anyone run into this before?

    I went to No Frills and was trying to price match as much as I could and they denied my Price Match. My store has a limit of 4 per item on Price Matches, it is what it is, I work within the limit.

    I was denied one package of blueberries today because now they say it 4 items per written ad. What does this mean?

    Food Basics has Cauliflower, Blueberries and Pineapple all for $1.88 and they are all written in the same paragraph, or blurp in flyer so now I am being told it is a max of 4 combined as it one written ad.

    So because I bought 2 Cauliflower, 1 Pineapple and 2 Blueberries I was told I could not Price Match the second package of Blueberries as I exceeded my limit of 4.

    The cashier let me do a second transaction for the one package of blueberries but thinking it is time to start shopping all the store again.
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    I ran into this last year with this Cheez-it & Town House ad
    Wouldn't do 4 Cheez-its and 4 Town House, just 4 total.

    Then another No Frills is willing to do 8 Cheez-its if it's 4 of one flavour and 4 of another (or 12 if it's 4 each of 3 flavours). The rules are all over the place.
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    I've run into RCSS holding me to 6x price-match items, but most let me do a second transaction or, at least, do not stop me from going to another cashier for a second run. It's a minor (idiotic) inconvenience, but one with which I can live. I don't even argue or raise a fuss. I just do it. Top management is run by morons.
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    random thought-could it be possible that mgmt is wanting to limit check-outs held up by price-matching requests per customer? Cashiers are still being held to productivity standards?
    Something must have brought about the change-maybe receipt survey comments, lack of open checkouts for cash purchases, incidents, money-saving moves by store...
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