Circle K (convenience store) has a contest/game running Oct. 11 to Dec. 5 across Canada. You play an online game where you try to score on a goalie (hockey) for a chance at instant prizes and entries for grand prizes. From my winnings, it looks like the instant prizes are mostly a free Circle K brand product (chips, water, coffee) or a B1G1 coupon for the same products.

I just noticed that the official rules say "CONSOLATION PRIZES (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, AWARDED TO ENTRANT WHO HAS PLAYED FOR 4 DAYS IN A ROW WITHOUT WINNING): 129,304 BEVERAGE AND FOOD PRODUCTS". It's nice to know you are basically guaranteed food/beverage prizes if you play consistently.

I believe you need to have a mobile device with internet connection to claim prizes in store.

Play the game here:
Official rules: