I was with Rogers for a long time then switched to Shaw mobile 2 years ago. Recently Rogers bought Shaw. I asked Shaw if I can upgrade my cellphones and they said they do not do that anymore and it has to go through Rogers now. I have samsung galaxy S9 and want to upgrade to a newer one - depending on the cost - maybe S22 or S23 (not the ultra one). I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars. I do not have a contract with Shaw because when I moved from Rogers to Shaw I did the "bring your own device" and currently paying ~$100 for 2 lines:
- 25GB fast LTE data (shaw) and 2GB LTE data (nation wide)
- unlimited talk and text
and all the basic features

I'm open to signing a contract with Rogers if I can get the phones i want and a decent data/voice/message package.
I looked at cellphones from other providers and even Costco. I remembered seeing Costco advertised buy their cellphone and get some cash card.
What is your cellphone plan, cost and from which provider?
Is there any deal out there?
Should I wait for Boxing day deals?