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Thread: Food Basics (Version 3, ON, select locations) May 25 - 31

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    Hey, hey, hey, couponlady is back! Life is good!

    (And...groggy! Ugh, I feel like 3 Mondays have converged on my head...alas, no corresponding paycheck. Anyway, gotta zoom today, so prepare for a barrage...umbrage...brahzo...oh, geeze, pass me some more coffee...!)

    Next: FreshCo, Walmart, Metro, M&M, HH, Partsource...zoom, zoom!
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    Thanks @cyn88canada for posting the flyers every Tuesday!

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    Thank you!

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    Rare to see Mio water enhancers for $3 each-usually have to buy 2 to get the unit cost around there on sales in various stores.

    Watermelon price wars have begun-literally 5 cents' difference between Food Basics and Walmart flyers! I have yet to buy watermelon this year-should add it to the grocery list as temperatures are rising next week.
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