Starting today, Wealthsimple is offering a 0.5% cash bonus on investments transferred from another financial institution.

The promotional period runs from Feburary 1, 2024 until Febuary 29, 2024. Transfers must be initiated by Feburuary 29 and completed by April 30.

Customers msut reigister for this promotion. That can be done at the following link at
Ready to claim your 0.5% bonus match? ( or the the Weathsimple app's "gift icon". Wealthsimple will immediately send an e-mail confirmation message about the customer's eligibility for this offer.

The promotional period is from February 1, 2024 to Feburary 29, 2024. Transfers must be iniated by February 29 and completed by April 30. Withdrawals made during the promotional period will be subtracted from the qualifying transfer amount. Only transfers to Wealsimple's investment accounts qualify.

There doesn't appear to be any minimum transfer amount, and Wealthsimple will re-imburse the transfer fees (up to $150) from another financial institution if the transfer has a value of at least $5000.

This promotional could be good in the way that the 0.5% bonus applies to each dollar transferred, so that means that there's no tiers that you could just miss out on for the next higher bonus amount (as has been in the case for some past promotions).

Full terms and conditions: