"Extra" Gum Review
An avid gum chewer, I jumped at the chance to sink my teeth into Wrigley's new "Extra" Pomergranate Berry Gum. With my coupon in hand for 2.50 off two multipaks I ran for Walmart(My new place of worship - pardon the pun, no offense intended) . Well fellow chewers, 2 sticks at a time in it went - The instant flavor is exceptional and is meant to last and last... Ten minutes, yes, I timed it(Maybe I chew too fast...) - it was very good; but it then had a tendancy to become very sticky! (I do have all my real teeth ) It would actually start to glue to my fillings. The taste still present but not as strong as I expected was OK. Besides the sticky part, overall it's a nice improvement. But I would not pay the full price and will be going back to my Trident preference. Thanks. And remember what your mother always told you. "Chew with your mouth closed." Gum review = 3 out of 5