The Gameboy Micro, Nintendo's most previous version of their handheld gameboy advance system.

The Gameboy Micro has much to boast about, size, weight, and the obsolete number of great games available to any Gameboy. But what does the Gameboy Micro have that makes it so good? Good question.

1. The Gameboy Micro is a tiny size of about 4 inches long, by about 2 inches tall, making it about the size of a cell phone. This makes it the most portable gameboy system yet.

2. A backlit screen: though the screen is small (which obviously comes with something the size of a cell phone, it does not stop it from being great. The screen has a light which lets you play it any time, anywhere. No matter how dark it is, you will be able to see it. This backlight is adjustable. This allows you to turn it up, making your screen brighter, or down, making it darker, thus sparing your battery a little bit.

3. Great games!: As with any Gameboy, the multitude of games that you can buy for it is what really makes it great. Some of Nintendo's greatest titles have been on the Gameboy Advance system, and they appeal to many people, not just your hardcore gamers(titles such as Fire Emblem and Advance Wars), but to more casual gamers as well (Mario!).

It does however come with several cons:

1. No backward compatibility: This means that no original gameboy, or gameboy color games can be played on it. A bit of a loss, but for such portability, a sacrifice most are willing to make.

2. The small screen: What can you really expect for something the size of a cell phone? If you plan on buying it, dont expect to be getting something with a big screen. It is MADE for portability.

All together, I would score Nintendo's Gameboy Micro at an 8 out of 10, this being because of lack of backward compatability mainly, as the screen really didnt seem to bother me so much.