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    I recently purchased a gorgeous( from the looks on the box) kitchen centre at Zellers. It looks like a giant microwave stand , but with a lot of extra storage space.
    It retailed at $189.99 and I got it on sale for $129.99 ( it was advertised in the flyer). It still cost $150 with taxes.
    As I am putting it up I notice I have to build the doors. That's fine but come to find out the middle part of the door is just a piece of cardboard. How cheap is that. I am so angry. If food or cleaning products hit that it will be ruined.On the hutch there was dried glue all down the edges that I had to use 2 Magic erasers.

    And to make things worse , on the hutch there is a partition in the middle and it was 3 inches to small. My rage is boiling over. I spent half of my pay cheque to get ripped off. I am calling the 1-800# Monday but that won;t change the fact that this product is cheap. All in all I give this a 4/10 for quality.

    I am very disapointed in Zellers in the last few years.Last week Thinsations were on specialo for 1.89 and the cashier scanned the cheese nips ones at $2,99. She said it was only the ones advertised in the pic in the flyer. Since when?

    Last year I bought a wall unit from them. It was $89 one week and I missed the sale , so I figured for $10 more at the regular price that$99 was a good deal. I checked the item's Upc code matched up with the price in the aisle , and it did. Well it scanned at $129.99 and I told the lady it was wrong and she argued with me. after 45 mins of this the clerk said that 2 products had the same upc code and that that was normal!!! I know all about UPC codes. Anyways to make a long boring story short they said they would give it to me at $99, and then she made cracks to her friend how we made a fuss for 35$. I am so fed up with Zellers!!!
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