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    Before I found this product I spent countless hours scrubbing my stove top with special cleaner from sears that ran me around $20. It actually came to the point where I wouldn't clean the stove because you had to scrub so hard to get anything off with the cleaner. I started making hubby do it because he is a lot stronger then me.
    I had a stain on my stove that the cleaner would not remove then I bought this Vileda scrunge and it came right off. No harsh cleaners, no scrubbing so hard that my hands would turn purple... I just wiped it off with ease. I have only been using the product for a month and I have not had a problem getting the toughest spilt food off my stove top since. It has two sides one to scrub off the dirt and another which is a microfibre side to leave a streak free shine.
    I bought this Scrunge (a 1 pack) at Walmart for $2.97 and used a $1 coupon making it $1.97. I have also seen 2 packs at Shoppers for $3.99/2 pack which would make it cheaper if you use the $1 coupon.

    * Will remove the toughest of stains
    * You don't need to use any harsh cleaners just water
    * Doesn't scratch your stove top
    * Streak Free Finish
    * It lasts a long time

    * If you don't have a coupon its not the greatest price

    All in all I rate this product a 5 out of 5. Although the cost is a bit steep if you don't have a coupon in the long run it is worth it because it lasts long and you would only have to purchase a package every few months.
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    Thanks! I have wondered about this Scrunge, glad to hear such a great review

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