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    There is a BOGO coupon (printable) for this harvey's hamburger. (check the database, or the forum, i forget where i seen it).

    Anyway, I was starving. The coupon reads tho that the bacon and cheese are extra. (?) okay. So ordered 2 and gave one to hubby.

    It came to with tax, after the free one. $6.88!!!!!
    The sign said the burger was $4.59. so i must have had to pay for cheese and bacon on both? the tax wouldn't have come to that much would it?

    so that was scary. But the burger was juicy. And there wasn't one piece of back bacon on it. THERE WAS 2 slabs. niiice. Here's the kicker tho. For ppl that have never tried back bacon, it taste more like ham than bacon.

    So for once you could say there was HAM in this HAMBURGER.

    My husband liked it as well. the only complaint (besides the outrageous price) was the texture of the ham. eer..back bacon. i like my bacon on my burger kinda crisp, the burger moist, and the cheese gooey. that to me is a burger.

    so i had gooey cheese, moist burger, and this..slab of meat you had to tear apart with your teeth. it just din't seem to fit the combination.

    but it was filling. it did taste good. but i don't think it's going to become a regular menu item. a burger with canadian back bacon sounds so great. until you realize's ham!
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    Yeah, I prefer bacon to bacon back. Plus they put the cheese and bacon on the bottom bun, which makes it soggy. Not worth the extra price in my book. I prefer just plain bacon.

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