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    Defines and freezes curls that are formed with the heat from a curling iron. Combines flexibility and holding power for perfect, long-lasting ringlets.
    retail value: $7-$8

    pros: good price
    adds extra volume and texture
    works well with hair drier, (i use this way)
    easy to use

    cons: if you don't use properly your hair looks sticky, follow instructions

    instuctions:Just work this product through your hair while itís damp and remember to keep scrunching and tousling your hair as it dries. The product tends to get a little crunchy, but just keep scrunching, twisting, and tousling and your hair will soften up. voila

    instead of a bad hair life i have bad hair days. a major improvement.i don't dry my hair everyday but once i got the hang of it fab results like a salon. i always thought that my hair would be frizzy if i used a hair drier.its not ,i have nice controlled curls.

    4/5 because one day i hope i won't have to dry my hair to get same results,for now. awesome.
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    Does anyone know if stuff like this can do anything with really long straight hair?

    Am quite dangerous with a curling iron but I do blow dry sometimes. Have wondered if weight of hair would pull down any style I might try to acheive?

    Might be nice to add a different "look" to my limited collection?

    Does it take very much product? My hair is to my waist.
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