I recieved a free 150ml bottle of REDKEN'S SmoothDown when i had my haircut for $10 at a fundraising event. I was not expecting to get to try their products. So I asked for something to take frizzies. I have very thick, wiry hair, and tends to go..frizzy.

Now i love john freida's frizz-ease so i was hoping they would give me something similar. and they did.

this is a really good size bottle, considering you only need a drop. (ok, i need about 4 drops, but lookit my avatar you'll see why). just put drop in your palm and smooth it thru towel dried hair, and this stuff does calm the frizzies as good as frizz-ease does.

I cannot tell you the price, i'd hafta google it leater, but i imagine it'll cost more than the drugstore, as you can only purchase this stuff at salons.

but i really do love this stuff. 8/10 because i think frizz-ease is probaby as good, and it's cheaper.