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    Ok, I am having trouble adding pictures. I can't remember how to.... As well, sorry posted in wrong section...

    Safety 1st: Dorel Juvenile

    Anyways, The playen is amazing. It has a bassinet for newborns, a changing table, storage on the side for diapers, wipes, creams, everything! It has a travel bag, is nice and big, very sturdy. There is an attachable vibrating music and light box. It saved our lives in the begining!

    The music box was on the fritz, and the company sent off a request to exchange it. However, the netting started to rip, so I called them. Since this is not replacable, The Dorel Juvenile group sent me a form to fill out and send back. It is a proof of destruction form; you have to rip out all the mesh, and a square from the bottom as well as the model tag. In return, they will send me a new one for free! They told me they will send me an Eddie Bauer playpen. It has all the same options. But, the changing table is on a flip, so it looks like it will be easier to flip open/closed. Plus the mobile looks like it has a crank... Will see if we like this one better.

    They have great customer service, very professional, honest and timely. Even though the item started to rip, and I had to completely destroy it to get a new one. It sure beats the cost of shipping the damaged one to get a replacement. In our destroying the item, it guarentees that others won't try and scam the company in getting a new free one. I paid a lot for this, and I want it to last through the years (especially if I have another child!)

    I would buy from Safety 1st again. I know if I have a problem, it will be resolved.
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