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    ok so i just got an awesome deal on the lavender freshmatic total came to $3.99 plus tax...reg price is $16.99 would recomend you wait till it goes on sale but they are fantastic
    i have 4 boys in the house and i no longer have the horrible experience of going into the only bathroom in the house after them
    it is such a treat to walk in and smell lavender instead of
    also one quick press of the button on the way out guarentees no smell the spray is wonderfull would recomend it to anyone who has experienced going into the bathroom after someone else

    i must admit the first night it went off after the kids were in bed freaked me out a bit cause i didnt know what the noise was...sound like a cat hissing..and had to go investigate boy did i feel dumb when i realized it was the spray
    i also do a quick turn off at night why waste sprays when no one is up

    i personally use the lavender scent
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    i reviewed this guy already i call him the monster (because they're so loud)...and i personally love them too!!
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