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    As for IE opening to Hotmail and not Firefox, have you made FF your default browser?[/quote]

    Yeah, Firefox is my default browser. It's weird. Things were fine with my hotmail and firefox and then one day my husband did an update and ever since then I can't open my hotmail from FF. I can see it, but when I click to open up a message from someone, it just keeps loading, nothing happens. I posted (in another section) the problem that I was having and a lot of kind people responded, and one person told me to try IE when opening my hotmail and this is the only way to actually read my mail. It's weird. I can use FF and my other accounts from gmail, but I had to switch them over to html basic in order to read them. I have a canada com email and I can't even get to that. It won't load, therefore, I can't change that to html. The really weird thing is that one day after all this happened, for only one day, it all worked fine and then the next time I was on the computer, I could no longer view it from FF. I looked into java, and everything is fine, I have no idea what is going on, any suggestion?

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    Try this:

    The workaround involves installing MSN Messenger Plus. One caveat: carefully read through the installer, and decline to install the sponsor program - toolbar, whatever. Your antispyware programs will be sent up the wall if you install that component.

    Let us know how it works. I've used Plus before, it's a great tweak.

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