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    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this one but here's a website where you can look up the UPC code for a lot of products.

    I was thinking it might be useful if you had to put in the UPC code numbers to get a sample or needed them to draw a UPC code to send in for a rebate. If this is in wrong place, or not useful please let me know.
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    Here's one that generates UPC codes for Canadian products too...

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    I tried to use them quite a few times, and could not get the UPCS to work (eg. during the engergizer fiasco)... may just be bad luck on my part though.

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    I tried the canadian one and what you need to do is copy the number but once you paste it delete the first number

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    Just tried them for Stouffers and they do not seem to work at the first site. The Canadian site is better, but slim pickings for the products I was looking for...

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