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    Amazon is having this great tax software for $119.99

    Accurately manage everyday accounting tasks
    Why bother with manual calculations or cumbersome spreadsheets? Be confident the books are done correctly.

    • Get started easily with the improved EasyStep® start-up interview
    • Create invoices, sales receipts & credit memos
    • Better track & manage inventory so you always know what's in, what's low and what's on order
    • Set re-order points and create purchase orders

    Plus, work simultaneously with up to 5 users when you purchase additional copies of QuickBooks Pro. Now you and your bookkeeper, accountant or colleagues can access and use the same QuickBooks working file at the same time - so you can get more done in less time. No accounting knowledge required
    Cheques, invoices, sales receipts - the on-screen forms you'll find in QuickBooks Pro look just like the ones you use in your business everyday, so there's less guesswork. It's designed for small businesses - so simply fill in your information, and you're done.
    Better manage customer and vendor relationships
    From the Home Page, you're just one click away from viewing your entire customer relationship.

    • Customer Centre - Get to know your clients better - so you can answer their questions and improve your customer service. In a single click, see a customer's history with your business as well as their payment statistics and balances.
    • Vendor Centre - Locate each vendor's contact information and transaction history in one place, with one click. Track the details of your vendor relationships - from histories to terms, balances and more.

    Make more informed business decisions
    You'll always know how your business is doing with over 100 customizable financial report templates.

    • Better reporting - In addition to 100+ customizable report templates, QuickBooks Pro 2009 includes the QuickZoomTM feature, which lets you access the building blocks of your reports. Just click through each report line item to see the original transaction.
    • Improved Audit Trail - The always-on Audit Trail makes it easier for you or your book-keeper to locate and correct errors
    • Flexible sales taxes - Improved for 2009, QuickBooks Pro now handles items that include taxes, sales taxes from multiple provinces & more.

    Over 100 customizable reports

    • Inventory Stock Status by Vendor
    • Profit & Loss Budget Performance
    • Purchases by Item Summary
    • Profit & Loss Standard
    • A/P Aging Detail
    • Statement of Cash Flows
    • Income Tax Detail
    • Plus many more

    Organize your information
    QuickBooks Pro 2009 has features to help you better organize your business:

    • Home Page - See your business at a glance from the redesigned Home Page
    • Report Centre - Quickly locate the report you need from 100+ options, and customize for your business
    • Employee Centre - Easily organize your employee data from one simple screen
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    0 (0%) and staples often sell quickbooks for around these prices. Quickbooks is owned by Intuit, and orders cheques for their customers thorough Davis And Henderson...

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