Boneless Pork loin chops $1.99/lb
Lean ground beef $1.99/lb
Fresh Atlantic salmon portions 140g $3.99
Broccoli $0.88
Tomatoes on the Vine $0.88/lb
Fresh Lamb shoulder chops $2.99/lb
Tropicana pure premium orange juice or juice blends 6X236ml or 1.89l 3 for $10
Honey Dew melons,Jumbo Cantaloupe or Del monte Gold ripe Pineapple 2 for $5
Coke 12X355ml $3.33
Red grill Angus eye of round roast $4.99/lb
Red grill angus t-bone steak $9.99/lb
Schneiders XXL grill'ems 600g $6.49
Schneiders Angus all beef wieners or juicy jumbos 375-450g $3.79
Schneiders wieners 450g 2 for $5
Maple leaf simply savour grilled strips or fully cooked sausages 150-300g $3.99
Maple leaf Half Ham country kitchen $3.99/lb
Cauliflower 2 for $5
Sweet Red, Orange or Yellow Bell Peppers $2.99/lb
Large Navel seedless Oranges $0.99/lb
Baby Cucumbers 397g or Romaine Hearts pkg of 3 2 for $5
Blackberries 160g $1.99
Vidalia onions $0.99/lb
Watermelon quarters $0.99/lb
Sunkist Naturals smoothies 2 for $6
Fresh catfish fillets $7.99/lb
Highlliner IQF fillets 400-454g $5.99
Blue water breaded fillets $8.99
Villaggio buns 2 for $5
Selection chips 220g $1.79
Selection frozen pizza $4.79
Selection fudge bars $4.99
Selection soft drinks 2l $0.99
Selection snack cakes $2.49
Selection crackers $0.99
Pampers Easy ups mega pack $16.99
Johnson baby care products $3.49
Heinz Nurture formula 10 bonus Airmiles
Huggies or Pmapers club pack diapers 72-144ct $33.99
Simply kids baby food 128ml 5 bonus Airmiles when you buy 9
Colgate premium toothpaste 85-130ml 2 for $4
Finesse or Down under Naturals hair care 2 for $4
Irish Spring or Soft soap bodywash or Sensodyne toothpaste $3.99
Infusium hair care $4.99
L'Image hair colour $8.99
Ensure 6pk $8.99
Bandaid kids $2.99
Polysporin 15g $6.99
Mc cain crescendo or International pizza $4.99
Equality cheese bars 520g $5.99
Equality bacon 500g $2.99
Sardo vegetable oil 3l $4.99
Spongetowels 4-6 rolls $5.99
Gatorade sport drink 710ml 3 for $5
Selection Natural spring water 24X500ml $3.99
Equality Tuna 170g $0.89
Dole squishems 2 for $5
Breyers or Ben & Jerry ice cream or novelties $4.99
Swanson or Smart ones entrees 2 for $5
Doritos,Lays snack cups or 100 Calorie packs 2 for $5
Equality Apple juice 1.2l $0.88
Sunmaid raisin bread 2 for $5
Cashmere bathroom tissue 16s or 8 double $4.99
Heinz ketchup or Hellmanns mayonnaise or Bicks pickles 750-1l $2.99
Top sirloin steak $5.99/lb