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    I was hoping someone knows anything that can help me. I recently bought a data cable on dealextreme and I put a couple mp3s on my phone. They uploaded/transferred fine but they wont play. It says "Unable to play mp3 over 192Kpbs" I dont have a microSD card in the phone. Would it work if I got one? Or is it just the capability of the phone. So can it only play ringtunes(cause theyre smaller files)? Any help would be appreciated.

    Buying a new phone is not an option. And I dont want a contract cause Im happy with my $12 plan cause i rarely use the thing
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    I would resample the music files you want to add to your phone using Audacity.

    This is a free (open-source) cross-platform audio editing program available from Sourceforge at

    Using this, you should be able to load the song into Audacity and then according to the Wiki on making custom ringtones (the editing process for ringtones and resampling is similar) found at

    Phones requiring MP3 files

    As an example of a phone requiring an MP3 ringtone, the Motorola i580 requires MP3 files at:
    Bit Rate: 32 kbps; Sample Rate: 8 000 Hz; Channels: 1 (mono). If your phone has the same requirements then it should also work for you. If your phone requires MP3 files with slightly different characteristics you can adjust the tutorial instructions below appropriately. It's assumed you've already made the file mono as per the instructions above.

    1. If you have not already done so, download the LAME MP3 encoder to your computer and tell Audacity where to find it. Instructions on doing this are here.
    2. Look at the Project Rate button at bottom left of the screen. If it is already showing "8000", skip to Step 3 below. Otherwise, click on the button and select the "8000" option. If there isn't an 8 000 Hz option, select "Other ..." and type 8000 in the box that pops up (in Audacity Beta, select and type over one of the values).

      • In 1.2 versions of Audacity: Click Edit > Preferences (Audacity > Preferences on a Mac) and then the File Formats tab. In the MP3 Export Setup section near the bottom, in the "Bit Rate" dropdown, select "32" and click OK. Then click on File > Export As MP3, select a file name to export your MP3 file to and hit Save.
      • In Audacity Beta: Click File > Export and in the "Export File" dialogue, choose "MP3 Files" in the file types dropdown, then a file name to export to. Click Options. In the "Quality" dropdown, select "32 kbps", and in "Bit Rate Mode", select the "Constant" radio button. Leave "Channel Mode" at "Stereo" - a single-channel (mono) file will still be produced if your Audacity track is stereo. Click OK then Save.

    I have a feeling your phone is similar to the Motorola mentioned in this Wiki in that it requires a certain limited bitrate.

    Export each song with a new bitrate this way and then see if they will play on your phone. Experiment with 96kbps, 48 and 32 kbps. Keep in mind that with a lower bitrate, the sound quality will lessen.

    I hope this helps.
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