I registered my Vitamix blender this spring and they sent me this email with a coupon code. This is the same price I paid at Costco ($499) and included all the same stuff (CDs, books, etc.)

I rave about this blender because it is the best thing for making fruit or veggie smoothies. It is powerful and breaks down the smallest seeds in strawberries to pulverizing ice cubes.

My boyfriend and I have improved our health substantially drinking the pulp of vegetables. It's raw and nutritious.

Take a look at the clearance page and throughout the site and you can see all the things it can do. The promo code I got in my email is
05-0881-06-07 .

The promo code essentially gives you free shipping and you end up just paying the same tax I paid at Costco. The price is in Canadian and only good in Canada.

I've checked everywhere on line and this is the best price in Canada.

The Vitamix makes soup in the container, ice cream, dips, and, of course, smoothies. From reading other Vitamix owners, this machine should last a lifetime. The customer service is excellent, too. Here is the clearance site.


Don't forget the promo code.