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N@t@[email protected]@

Trade Rating: 351
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 27, 2015

Trade List:
My Trade List:

Sample Section:


FPC's (I prefer to trade my FPC's for other FPC's on my Wish List) :) Thanks
1x FPC Temptations (60-85g), Temptations All Natural (70g) or Temptations Mixups (85g) Treats (max redemption value $2.14), UPC 083111939, exp. Sept 1, 2016


HV/From Product Packaging, Magazines, etc:
4x Save $3.00 on the purchase of any 6-pack of Ensure products, UPC 18222265, exp. May 31, 2016 (it also has a bar code printed on the inside 113017) - coupons from doctor's office
1x Save $2.00 any Filippo Berio, UPC , exp. Dec 31, 2016 (hang-tag)
20+ x Save $2.00 on Clover Leaf Toppers 150g, UPC 25409983, exp. Jun 30, 2016 (from Metro newspaper)

MIR Forms:

Regular coupons:






also have for trade multiples of the SS/RedPlum inserts ..

More to be added ...

*Please note: you may be asked to send your end first (if your trade rating is less than 25 or negative). If you are not comfortable with that, please do not trade. :) Thank you for understanding.

If you have any question, feel free to ask.


Wish List:
Save $1.00 when you buy any two (2) packages of KD all sizes and varieties up to 225g
Save $1.00 on the purchase of 1 jar of Kraft All Natural Peanut Butter (Smooth or Crunchy)
$1.00 off any Gay Lea products
$3.00 off Nestle Pure Life Sparkling Water (case of 12), exp. Dec 31, 2016

Store Specific - NO (unless otherwise stated)
Printable - NO (unless otherwise stated)
French - YES (just let me know in advance .. tnx)
Please provide me with the details of your coupons (UPC, restrictive wording, etc.)
NO MORE than 2 of the same coupons per trade unless otherwise stated .. min $10 trades. :) Thanks
I will accept some US FPC's .. let me know what you have. :)


SDM Coupons for Bonus Points from v.i.b. booklets:
*Receive 1,000 SDM Points when you spend $5 or more on any food, candy or grocery item RRRLF
*Receive 2,000 SDM Points whith the purchase of any Pampers Wipes
$5/$10 Huggies GC towards any Newborn (Size 1 & 2) or Baby Wipes product (valid only at SDM)

$$ OFF COUPONS I Am Looking For:
Save .30c on your next purchase of Ivory Bar Soap Bundles (available in 3 or 4 bar bundles), NED
Save .50c when you purchase two (2) Snapple 473ml cans or bottles any flavor
Save .55c on any Bolthouse Farms Carrott Product – limit 4
.75c of any Natures Sweet Cherubs Tomatoes, UPC 99651713, NED RRRRLF
Save .$1.00 of any General Mills product (company mail-out ... should be good on Green Giant brand products)
$1.00 off any regular priced Subway Footlong Sub or .50c off any regular priced Subway 6 inch Sub, NED RRRLF
Save $1.00 on Mann's Fresh Cut Vegetable (company mail-out)
Save $1.00 on any Fresh Express Packaged salad (ompany mail-out)
$1.00 off Cheemo Premium Perogies 907g bag or box, NED (or any other exp dates) – multiples are ok RRRLF
Save $1.00 on any Stagg Chili (can or microwave), NED ONLY - multiples are ok
Save $1.00 on Ocean’s products RRRLF
$1.00 on the purchase of any HEINZ product, NED (red and white) RRLF
Save $1.00 on LOU’s Quick-n-Easy Entrée, NED (mail-out coupons or peelies … for my father-in-law) RRLF
$2.00 any LOU’s Fully Cooked Entrees (454g or greater), UPC 50700224, NED RRRLF
Save $2.00 any Hellmann's product, exp. (French is ok) - max 2
Save $1.00 on any Classico product, UPC 05745630, NED
Save $1.00 any Primo product, NED
Save $1.00 wub2 Kozy Shack products, exp. Dec 31, 2016 (company mail-out)
$1.00 of any Liberte product, exp. Dec 31, 2016 (peelie) - max 3
$1+ any Apetina Feta Cheese RRRLF
Save $1.00 wub one (1) dozen eggs
$1.00 off any Quaker product (peelie .. French is ok)
$$ off Red Rose Tea
Save $1.00 on Tetley Tea (orange pekoe 72ct, herbal and green tea), NED
Save $1.00 on Tetley tea (good on 144ct), NED
Save $1.00 of any Tetley Green, Herbal or Flavoured Black Teas, NED RRRLF
Tetley Signature Tea samples (2 bags + $1 off coupon .. any but Black & Vanilla tea)
$1.00 Billy Bee (good on any size), NED RRRRLF
Save $1.00 on your next purchase of any Dare Cookies, Crackers, Candy or Fine Bread purchase, UPC 11624468, NED
Up to $1.00 (one dollar) or $3.00 (three dollars) towards the purchase of Campbell's products including: Campbell's, Pepperidge Farms, Franco-American, Bisto, Goldfish, Campbell's Chunky, Pace, Prego, V8, Habitant or Gattuso - let me know expiry dates
Save $1.00 on any Hain-Clestial product
Save $1.00 on any Colgate-Palmolive product (company mail-out)
Save $1.00 any Heinz Baby Cereal, Baby Food or Little Kids products, UPC 05746226, NED RRLF
Save $1.00 wub any 1 Gerber Nursing pads OR Save $2.25 wub any 2 Gerber Nursing pads, NED
$1.00 value on the purchase of any DLM Foods Corp. Product: Snausages, Jerky Treats, Kibbles’n Bites, Milk-Bone, Meow Mix, Pup-Peroni or Pounce, UPC 66904524, NED
Save $1.50 on any Weston Bakeries product, NED RRRLF
$2.00 Mary's Organic Crackers product, peelie) - limit 1
Save $2.00 any Kellogg's product, NED (should be good on All-Bran Original) RRRLF for my father-in-law
$2.00 off on the purchase of any Gay Lea Foods, Nordica or Lacteeze products, UPC 02703943, NED
Save $2.00 on any Driscoll's Product,
Save $2.00 of one or several Vileda products, UPC 30002962, NED
$3.00+ any Tinactin product (should be good on Tinactin Powder .. NOT looking for tear-pad coupons! Tnx)
Saputo $3.00/$5.00 vouchers (good on any their products or regular milk & sour cream in particular) RRRRLF
Save $3 Off the purchase of any Kruger Products merchandise: Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Towels, Purex or White Swan
Save $2.00/$3.00/$4.00 on any of these Kimberly-Clark products: Huggies, Depend, Little Swimmers, Pull-Ups, Kleenex, Poise, Cottonelle, Kotex or GoodNites
Save $1.00/$3.00/$5.00 on your next purchase of one package of Royale Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue or Napkins, NED
$4.00 any Quaker product, exp. Dec 31, 2016 (company mail-out)
$5.00 off the Beiersdorf product of your choice! Valid on any Nivea, Elastoplast or Eucerin product
$5.00 any Nuk or Gerber Graduates tableware
FPC any Ocean's product
FPC any one can of Gold Seal product
$5.00 any Maple Leaf Prime chicken
$5.00/$10.00 vouchers towards any Maple Leaf products
$5.00/$10.00 gift certificate valid on the purchase of any Olymel product, NED
$2.00/$5.00/$10.00/$20.00 gift vouchers for Rubbermaid products, NED
FPC for any UNILEVER ice cream (Bryers, Magnum, Klondike, Popsicle, Ben & Jerrys)
$10.00 any Pampers product, exp. Dec 31, 2016 or later only
$12.00 of Wet Ones, Hawaiian Tropic, or Banana Boat Products for .05c, exp. Dec 31, 2016

FPC's I am Looking For:
1 FREE package of any Weston product: Wonder+, D'Italiano, Country Harvest, Fournee, Orowheat, Deli World, Weight Watchers, Golden Mill, Casa Mendosa, Jakes Bake House, or Thomas' (excludes multi-packs) RRRRLF
FPC for any one product listed: Blue Bonnet, Fleischmann's, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!, Becel (excl. 3 and 4Lbs), Imperial EverSweet and Imperial
FPC Mary's Gone Organic Crackers (max $5), NED RRRRLF
Gift Certificate for one Free FERRERO Rocher product
FPC Ferrero Rocher 200g
FPC one 725g Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
FREE one McDonald's Ice Cream cone, NED (from Halloween booklet)
FPC any two Astro Kik single serve 200ml, NED
FPC one (1) box of Kraft Dinner (150g-225g), exp. Mar 31, 2017
FPC any Mann’s Fresh Cut Vegetable product RRRLF
FPC Earthbound Farms product RRLF
FPC one 2lb bag of The Little Potato Company's potatoes
FPC one (1) 907g CHEEMO Premium Perogies product, exp. Dec 31, 2015/16
FPC any Ziploc or Saran product (max value $5), exp. Aug 31, 2016
FPC any Arctic Gardens products, exp. Jan 31, 2016
FPC Green Giant or Le Sieur canned vegetables, exp. Sep 30, 2016
FPC one package of Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (excl store club packs), exp. Dec 31, 2015/2016 (company mail-out)
FPC Europe’s Best Fruit or Vegetable product
FPC any Hain Celestial product (should be good on Europe's best frozen veggies)
FPC one package of any Michelina's Entree, UPC 47000025, NED
FPC one Dole packaged fruit or beverage product, NED
FPC One 12 x 355mL can pack of any Schweppes product , exp. Dec 31, 2015 RRRLF (should be good on Club Soda)
FPC Tropicana Orange juice 1.75L
FPC 1kg any cut McCain Regular 'Red Bag' Fries, NED
FPC for one (1) 540mL can of any Campbell's Ready to Serve soup, 540mL (Up to $2.70) (from Campbell's Under The Lid Contest)
FREE up to $5 towards one or several products of the mentioned brands: Arctic Gardens, Bonduelle, Avon, Graves, Stokely, Carriere or Festino, UPC 49700028, NED (or any other similar coupons good on Bonduelle) RRRLF
FPC any Bertolli Olive Oil Spray
$$ off or FPC Vito Dairy products - unicorn wish!!! RRRLF
FPC any GayLea or Nordica product
FPC any Kozy Snack product RRRLF for my father-in-law
FPC Baby Bel 6-pack net,
FPC’s for Burnbrae (Prestige 12 or 18ct, Free Run Omega 3 OR Nestlaid) OR Naturegg (Omega Pro or Nature's Best, Organic or Free Run OR Omega 3) Shell Eggs, exp. Dec 31, 2015 or later – no limit RRRLF
FPC Naturegg Omega 3 Eggs, UPC 42408550, exp. Dec 31, 2015
FPC Egg Creations 500g Liquid Egg product, NED only – I have already multiples of 2015 exp. Tnx
FPC for any one Habitant, McLarens, Gattuso, Bick’s, Zest, Woodman’s or Crosse & Blackwell Product
FPC Renee's Gourmet Dressing, Sauce or Dip (up to $4.99), NED
FPC any one (1) Old Dutch product, NED
FPC any Kellogg's product, NED
FPC any Kashi product, NED
FPC Kraft Peanut Butter or Whipped Peanut Butter & Dip product (up to $5.49), exp. Mar 31, 2016 (company mail-out)
FPC Adams Natural Peanut Butter, exp. Dec 31, 2015
FPC any Canada Bread, exp. Dec 31, 2015 (value at $3 each)
FPC any one loaf of Sun-Maid Raisin Bread, exp. Dec 31, 2015
FPC one (1) package of Dare or Grissol product (not to exceed 400g & $4.59), NED
FPC any Liberte product (should be good on any of their products) - RRRLF
FPC any Organic Medow product, exp. Mar 31, 2016 - RRRLF
FPC any one (1) Sabra product 227g or greater, exp. Dec 31, 2015 (win from the contest)
FPC one box of Dare Fine Bread 200g – 400g, NED
FPC McDonald’s Oatmeal, NED
FPC McDonald's Breakfast Sandwich
FPC McDonald's Big McMac, NED
Starbucks Vouchers for a FREE drink, NED
FPC Tetley Tea, NED RRRLF – always looking for this one ... multiples are ok!
FPC any one (1) Twinings 20 count tea bag carton, exp. Dec 31, 2015 - multiples are ok
FPC Cesar Wet food multi pack (12x100 g), exp. Dec 31, 2015
FPC Cesar Wet food for small dogs 100g tray (max $1.50), exp. Dec 31, 2015
FPC NUK Baby Products
FPC ban anti-perspirant (any format), NED
FPC one J&J Replacement product, exp. Jun 30, 2016 (should be good on J&J Nursing pads) - RRRLF
J&J Replacement Vouchers (good on Band-Aid, Visine and regular Tylenol)
FPC Johnson’s Take Along pack, exp. Jun 30, 2016 - limit 1
FPC any Alberto Culver product (good on Static Guard) – unicorn wish!!! RRRLF
FPC Gillette ProGlide Cartridges RRLF
FPC any Schick Razor or Refill (should be good on Schick Intuition)
FPC any Jergen's product, NED (should be good on Liquid Soap 2L refills)
FPC any Dove product
FPC any Lever 2000 product
FPC any Vaseline product
FPC Tide Pods product
FPC Melitta Coffee Filters - RRRLF
FPC L'Oréal Ombrelle sun lotion

Tazo Zen Tea samples
Twinnings Green, Camomile or Black (Orange Pekoe, English or Irish Breakfast) Tea samples
Higgins & Burke Green Tea sample from SampleSource
Biore samples of new Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar and Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips
Energizer MIR form for a $5 Gas card
Codes for FREE 24 Personalized Labels from Shutterfly with free shipping (from Pampers GTG program) - let me know expiry please
Pampers diapers GTG Codes (value at $2 for every 40 points in GTG codes) - limit 4 per trade
Huggies ETR Codes (value them at $2 for every 15 points)
Stouffers / Lean Cuisine VALID pins and UPC's (value them at $1 each)
$5 Lunchmate Bucks (value them at $1 each ... will need a physical code to be mailed please and tnx)
$1 Lunchmate Bucks (value them at .20c each ... will need a physical code to be mailed please and tnx)
Redemption code for Canadian Living - One Year Subscription (from Airmiles or Huggies Reward Catalogs) - just 1
Cineplex Adult One movie tickets (at the moment end of 2016 exp ONLY)
The End Flap/UPC of a Bassili’s Best carton (physical pieces .. needs to be mailed. tnx) - need one more
PetSmart Survey Receipts for $3/$5 OFF (should have at least 3 weeks before expiry .. Thanks)
PetSmart Receipt Coupons for 2 FREE Cans of Dog Food (should have at least 3 weeks before expiry .. Thanks)
Extra Foods / SuperStore Superbucks (should be redeemable for groceries)
$5 Cash for Gas Prepaid Master Cards
CT Money (.05c in CTM = .50c in regular coupons /.05c in CTM = .20c in HV coupons (i.e. $4 HV coupon = $1 CT Money) / .05c in CTM = .10c in FPC (i.e. $4 FPC (ARP) = $2 CT Money))
$5 - will consider for regular coupons
$5+ Starbucks cards
GC's to, SOF/PriceSmart, RCSS/ExtraFoods/nofrills, Walmart, LD, SDM, Safeway, Subway, Cineplex, Michael’s, PetSmart, Dollarama, Canadian Tire, Whole Food's
SDM points
Unused Permanent "P" Stamps
Unused .01c/.02c/.05c/.07c/.10c/.25c/.63c Stamps

Thanks for Looking and Happy Couponing!

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[email protected]@'s Profile


Trade Rating: 14
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 27, 2015

Trade List:
All of my coupons are no listed, I am in process of updating. Please ask freely.
I have
2x FPC nature valley bars
2x FPC General mill minions cereal / soft baked cookies etc
10x lets do picnic booklets (no frills/ Rcss)
20x General Mills coupon flyers
10x bush beans
many more

Wish List:
looking specially for:
$1 wonder bread/Dempsters only
$1 Eggo waffles
$1 Tropicana
$4 Quaker coupons
lays chips/Doritos
Cheese or yogurt coupons fruit/snack coupon

High Value coupons for Food items
I am not aware of all the good coupons out there, please ask me what you have, and specially
Tyelonol/Advil FPC RRLF
dove hang tag RRLF
Olay Quench FPC
Dairy queen Blizzard FPC RRLF
Aveeno FPC
$1 off any Starbucks frapuccino etc
$1 Astro good on 650-750 g tubs RRLF
$1 Pringles RRLF
$2 Kelloggs/FPC/$1.50 corn flakes,krave etc
FPC General Mills cereal
John Frieda$10/$3
$1/$4 Quaker coupon RRLF
dempsters bread,
wonder bread
Danone yogurt
Tropicana FPC RRLF
$1 off berriesRRLF
$1 off Breyers ice cream
$1 off any Pom product(December expiry)
$1 glad good on any (specially on cling wrap) etc,RRLF
$2 Canada Dry RRLF
$2 Diet CokeRRLF
Potato chipsRRLF
Pasta sauce
juice coupons
$4/$5 Chapman/Nestle/ Breyer ice creamRRLF
$2 Band AidRRLF
$2 Gaylea any
$2 Gay lea butter
$2 Loreal hair expertise
Lactania cream
lactania butter
Nutella FPC
Dove FPC
Tropicana FPC
lays FPC
butter coupons
cheese FPC
any makeup coupons/Maybelline dream wonder powder FPC
any stay free/Always/Playtex pads company Call in coupons RRLF
glad cling wrap/glad FPC
$5 Danone when you buy any 3
FPC Pickle
No pets or baby coupons please!
i will add more coupons to the list, I have lots & lots of all inserts, shoppers voice,, web saver,HV, p&g and j&j call ins

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jun 24, 2015

Trade List:

Wish List:

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Trade Rating: 382
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 22, 2015

Trade List:
Go here to see a few of the coupons I have for trade:

Wish List:

This WISH LIST was last updated April 15th, 2017.

*** = RRLF (really really looking for)

# = recent addition

English or bilingual coupons are preferred. Please check with me before sending French only coupons. I prefer trading coupons for coupons but might consider gift cards, unused stamps or most FPCs.


Top Ten RRLF:

-Wonderful Pistachios

-Pepsi (not store specific, not mini cans)***

-$4 Lavazza coffee***

-$2 (or more) off any one Melitta coffee product***

-$2 off one box of any (1kg or smaller) variety of Janes family of products #11900511, exp. Dec.31 '17 (from sample rep)***

-$1 or $2 off Johnsonville Sausage (any size or variety), exp. Dec.31 '17***

-Astro Original Yogurt (good on Balkan Style 750gm, NOT Greek)***

-$4 or $5 Chapman's***

-Bolthouse (good on carrots)***

-movie tickets or pass codes good for adult admission at Cineplex ***



-Blue Water fish products (good on any, not Artisan Recipe)
-Bolthouse Farms carrots***
-Cavendish frozen potato products (not variety specific)***
-$1 off Cheemo Premium Perogies 907gm bag or box***
-El Monterey products
-Gardein products
-regular Hellmann's Mayonnaise (not store specific)***
-$ off Johnsonville Burgers***
-Johnsonville Sausage
-Maille products (good on any Maille product)
-$1 off any Marc Angelo product NED
-$1 off Olivieri Fresh PASTA***
-$2 off Olymel #2200156, NED (peelie)***
-$5 off one Olymel product #2200371, NED***
-$2 (or more) off any name brand frozen PIZZA (Delissio, McCain, Dr. Oetker etc)***



-Red Rose tea***
-$2.50 Melitta coffee



-Amooza Twists
-Armstrong cheese/products ($1 or more)
-Astro Original Yogurt tubs (good on 750g Balkan Style, NOT Greek)***
-Black Diamond Cheestrings Ficello
-Coffee-mate Liquid***
-eggs (fresh, in shell) $1/$2 off WUB2 dozen***
-International Delight ($1 or more, April 2017 or later expiry)
-Lactantia butter (not sticks, April 2017 or later expiry)***
-Olympic products (good on any)



-Blue Diamond Almond Breeze (any for tetra pack on shelf)
-$2 off Canada Dry product 12 packs, from box
-Minute Maid JUICE (frozen concentrate)***
-Pepsi (any good on regular 12 or 15 packs, not Pepsi MAX, not store specific)***
-$2 off Schweppes (WUB1 12-pack)***
-Sobe beverages
-V8 V-Fusion or V8 V-Fusion Smoothie



-Blue Diamond Almonds, Nut Thins Crackers or Almond Breeze
-$4/$5 Chapman's products***
-Dare candy or Dare RealFruit Minis (.75 or more WUB1)
-$2 Hersheys peelie from Energizer pack***
-Lindt chocolate bars***
-Pepperidge Farm cookies***
-Pringles Potato Chips (good on any variety)***
-Wonderful Almonds or Pistachios



-Cineplex tickets or codes good for adult admission (not BOGO or $5 off)***
-Cottonelle bathroom tissue
-Edge shave gel (not WUB)
-.75 off any G.U.M product
-any $ off Listerine Whitening ORIGINAL whitening rinse***
-$1 off Listerine Mouthwash (good on regular only, not premium varieties like Total Care, Ultraclean, Healthy White)
-any $ off Royale bathroom tissue (regular, not Velour)***
-FPC for any men's razor***
-Sensodyne toothpaste***
-Visine (good on any)***
-Ziploc (any good on sandwich bags)

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Cool Cash Back Deal

Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jun 18, 2015

Trade List:
Cash Back Deal

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Love 2 Save

Trade Rating: 1
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 17, 2015

Trade List:
(1) 1 Free Participating Quaker product Max Value $4.99, 15106647, Exp Nov 30/15
(8) $1.00 off when you purchase 2 dozen eggs, 35002346, Exp Jun 27/15
(7) $2.00 When you buy New York Style brand and Summer Fresh Hummus, Exp Dec 31/2015
(1) Purchase 2 boxes of 12 or more K cup packs save $3.00, 1190431, Exp Jul 31/15.
(5) $1.00 SpongeTowels Ultra Strong, 12017502, Exp Jul 31/15
(1) $4.00 off Enfamil D-Vi-Sol, Tri-Visol, or Poly-Vi-Sol, 30220775, Exp Sept 30/15
(1) $4.00 off Enfamil D-Vi-Sol, Tri-Visol, or Poly-Vi-Sol, 30220632, Exp June 30/15
(1) $8.00 Enfamil A+ formula, 30220759, Exp Sept 30/15
(1) $5.00 Tub or Refill box of Enfamil A+ Gentlease, 30220762, Exp Sept 30/15
(5) $1.00, Stagg Chili, 85019473, Exp Oct 24/15
(1) $1.00 off any 2 singles or 1 value pack Balance Bar, 9980195, Exp Jul 31/15
(1) $1.00 off any 2 singles or 1 value pack Pure Protein, 99801200, Exp Jul 31/15
(1) Save $3.00 on Any 2 High Liner 227-750g Products, 12605301, Exp Jun 30/15
(20) 4.00 off wub 1 oasis product and 2 other participating products(Smuckers Jam, Folgers, Adamès Peanut Butter), 51528124, Exp July 31/2015.
(6) Clover Leaf Gourmet Flavoured White Tuna 142g, Save $1.00, 25409710, Exp Aug 31/15

(5) Bicks, Save $0.50 on any Bicks Product, 77008376, Exp October 31/15.
(15) Black Diamond Cheestrings (16 or 28 pack), save $1.50 when you buy any TWO packages, 46217224; Exp Jul 31/15
(12) Cottonelle, Save $1.50 on any one 24 or 30 Double Roll Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 49117367, Exp Jun 30/15
(13) Folgers, Save $1.50 on any 750g Folgers Product, 30404117, Exp Aug 31/15
(12) Gay Lea Real whipped cream any variety,Save $1; 02708384, Exp Aug 31/15.
(8) Glade Aerosols, Buy 2 Get 1 Glade Aerosols Free, 33692858, Exp Aug 31/15
(15) Glade, Save $1 on any Glade Product,33692959, Exp Aug 31/15
(5) Green Works All Purpose Cleaner Save $1, 01227374, Exp Aug 31/15
(6) Green Works Glass and surface Cleaner Save $1, 01227387, Exp Aug 31/15
(6) Green Works Cleaning Wipes Save $1, 01227390, Exp Aug 31/15

Wish List:
PHILADELPHIA Cream cheese, 250g, any, 1.00.
EGGS 1.00 OFF WUB 2 doz eggs
PILLER'S Products; .75;
STAGG CHILI; 1.00; Oct 24th
Gay Lea Sour Cream
Toys coupons
Black Diamond Cheese
Vegetable & Fruit Coupons
Ice Cream

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Trade Rating: 70
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 17, 2015

Trade List:
$4 Chapman's 69302057 12/31 (2)

$4 Chicken (fresh/frozen/rotisserie-any size/weight) 08311232 12/31 (2)

Kellogg's b2 cereals (245g-730g) receive fresh fruit value up to $3.99 12/31 (10)

Salvation Army $10 off $25 purchase (not to be combined with any other offers)

$5 Lunchmate "BUCKS" 06/30/2016 (3)

$1.50 earth's own amorè 1.75l original/vanilla 69107489 12/31 (6)
$1.50 So Good 1.89l 69107492 12/31 (6)
$1.50 So Nice 1.75l 69107506 12/31 (6)

.50 Armstrong cheese product 5070962 12/31 (4)
$1.50 Cracker Barrel shredded cheese 250g-320g 05548444 (12)
$1 Dr.Oetker Ristorante Ultra Thin pizza 88625690 12/31 (12)
$1 Dr.Oetker Panebello pizza 88625674 12/31 (12)
.50 GayLea sour cream 02708443 12/31 (12)
.50 Kellogg's Eggos 71580656 12/31 (10)
.50 Kellogg's Vector Granola 71580669 12/31 (10)
$1 Sabra product 227g+ 10401230 12/31 (2)
.50 Triscuit 15044525 12/31 (12)
$1 Uncle Ben's Bistro Express 08311229 12/31 (12)

I will also take a look at your wishlist as I may have something you're seeking in my personal stash

Wish List:
Starbucks free bevie voucher
David's Tea free bevie
Second Cup free bevie

$1 Arm & Hammer baking soda
$2 Canada Dry 12x355ml case (valid on club soda)
$1 Cottonelle wipes
$1 Europe's Best
$1 Heinz (or just for ketchup)
$1 Kellogg's All Bran bars
$1 Kraft
$1 Kraft peanut butter (not flavoured)
$1 Litehouse
.50 Mott's Garden cocktail (valid on 945ml bottle)
$1 Olivieri pasta
$1 Protinis
$1 Schneider's chicken sausages
$1 Starbucks (single serve)
$1 Tre-Stella feta/bocc. (Nov. & later)
$1 Villagio buns
$1 Yves (or Hains Celestial)

& these unicorn wishes:

Ace Bakery gourmet burger buns or specialty bread
Campbell's broth
Christie cookies/crackers
Cliff Energy bars (the ones with the mountain/climber on packaging)
Clover Leaf tuna (not flavoured)
Duncan Hines
Hamburger Helper
Kraft marshmallows or Jet cream
Lindt chocolate
Milk to Go
Nutella (small container)
Orange Juice
Real Lemon
Redpath/Lantic sugar

Thanks for lookin' :)

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Trade Rating: 70
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 8, 2015

Trade List:

Wish List:

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Trade Rating: 2
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 5, 2015

Trade List:
12x $1 Pringles Tortilla Chips 182g exp Dec31, 2016

2x $7 Similac Partially broken down protein 638g ex May31, 2016

2 x $5 Similac rebate cheques exp. May 30 and July 30 2016

$5 Similac Advance Omega 3/6, 8x59mL ex Aug31

$5 Enfagrow A+ toddler nutritional drink 680g ex Mar31

$5 Nestle Good Start 2 Probiotic exp May31

$1 wub2 Nestle Gerber prods ex May 31

Many many others, just let me know what you're looking for

Wish List:
I will consider any offers. The below list is just my "hot" list.

***fresh/frozen chicken $2/$4
Mann's $1
$3 folgers
$2 Kelloggs NED
IOGO Moment
any toilet paper
$4 wub2 vector
any Old El Paso, or salsa products
sour cream
Tropicana Juices
Any produce
Any frozen pizza
Campbells soup
Caesar wet dog food trays
any FPC (not pet)

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: May 29, 2015

Trade List:
Johnsons bedtime products SAVE 3.00
Pedigree care & treats buy 1 get 1 free
Duracell battery pack SAVE 1.00
milk-bone brushing chews save 4.00

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