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Trade Rating: 56
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Aug 8, 2018

Trade List:
Any coupons with a P after it is printed


(4) .75 Jordon's cereal 10/31/18
(2) $1.00 Special K protein cereal 10/31/18
(3) $1.00 Kashi Cereal 12/31/18
(2) $3.00 off yogurt WUS $6.00 on Quaker products 08/31/18
(6) $1.00 Armstrong cheese sticks 9/30/18
(9) $1.00 Breyers delights 9/30/18
(9) .50 Natrel Lactose Free Ice Cream10/31/18
(3) Iogo Protein product 09/30/18
(3) $1.00 WUB2 Eagle Brand product 9/30/18
(2) $1.00 Naturegg liquid eggs or egg creations12/31/18
(2) $1.00 Eggbakes Crustless Quiche or egg patties12/31/18
(4) .50 Becel Sticks 08/30/18
(2) B2 Uncle Bens Bistro Express G1 FREE 9/26/18
(1) B2 Uncle Ben's Rice & Pulses G1 FREE 11/30/18
(2) .50 Renees Dressing 09/30/18
(5) $1.50 Splenda 12/31/18
(3) $5.00 Prestige or Harvest Wine Kit 05/18/18
(2) $1.00 Orville Redenbacher ready to eat popcorn 09/30/18
(2) .50 Act II 3 pack microwave popcorn 9/30/18
(2) FREE Old El Paso Appetizer kIt WUB Old EL Paso Dinner Kit AND Cracker Barrel Shredded Cheese 09/08/18
(8) .50 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish prod. 11/11/18
(3) $1.00 Nescafe Gold pods 10/31/18
(1) $1.00 Tim Horton;s 20/40ct Tea in Grocery Stores 10/31/18


(3) $3.00 Reactine 08/31/18
(4) $2.00 Benadryl 8/31/18
(2) $2.00 Benadryl 10/31/18
(2) $2.00 Reactine 6/18/18
(4)$ 2.00 Tylenol rapid release 12/31/18
(2) $3.00 Aleve product 08/31/18
(3) $1.00 Visinje 09/10/18
(2) $2.00 Dr. Scholl's stylish step 09/30/18
(2) $1.00 Dr. Scholl's w/duragel tech. 12/31/18
(1) $1.00 G.U.M.soft picks 3/31/19
(2) $1.00 G.U.M.soft picks 3/31/19
(14) .75 G.U.M. floss or flossers 3/31/19
(1) $2.oo WUB2 Natural Bounty Essential Oils 8/31/18
(1) $3.ooWUB2 Natural Bounty products 8/31/18
(1) $2.00 Incognito product 12/31/18
(3) $4.00 Tena overnight pads 03/31/19


(1) $1.00 any Vim prod. 08/30/18
(3) $1.50 Vim prod. 08/30/18
(1) $4.00 Floraster 20 ct. 8/1/18
(1) $6.00 Florastor 50 ct .8/1/18


(2) $3.00 Air Wick Essential Mist Starter \kit 08/31/18
(1) B5G1 Renuzit FREE 08/31/18
(3) $1.00 Air Wick pure product 10/31/18



(7) $3.00 Kibbles'n Bits 5.5g +12/31/18
(1) $3.00 Purina Cat Chow or Kitten Chow 9/30/18
(1) $2.00 Beneful dry dog food 8/31/18

Wish List:
RRRLF Schneiders pepperettes
RRRLF Schneiders bologna/weiners
RRRLF Carnation Hot Ch 5/30/18ocolate
RRRLF Kraft Peanut Butter (not chocolate or flavours)
RRRLF Astro Zero% yogurt
RRRLF Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners
RRRLF B1G1 Healthy choice Frozen Dinners
RRRLF VH Steamer
RRRLF Skinny Cow products
RRRLF Dole Fruit 'n Crisp
RRRLF Dole Parfait and Gels
RRRLF Baby Bell cheese
RRRLF Royale Facial Tissue 6 boxes
Baking Items:
chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter chips,
any chocolate chips
Carnation Evaporated milk
Eagle Brand Milk
Graham Cracker Crumbs
Sugar, Brown Sugar, Icing Sugar
Cool Whip, Dream Whip
Philadelphia Cream Cheese, (not cooking)
Butter/margarine (I can't believe its not butter) - if exists
Paper Products, Bounty paper towels, Royale toilet paper, Royal Facial Tissue - 6 pk or larger
Rice krispies squares
Cereal - Rice Krispies, Vector, Cheerios, Shreddies,
Twistoes Crackers,
Kraft or Black Diamond cheese, cheesestrings
Schneiders Meats, Schneiders Lunchables
Cookies: Dare, Christie, Peak Frean
Snuggle liquid and sheets
Faygo Pop, Any diet pop,
Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, CHAPMANS, Unilever Nestle $2.50
Toaster Strudels,
Brisk Ice Tea, Arizona Iced tea
Tetley Orange Pekoe regular and decaf tea
Tassimo Discs
Always Pantiliners,
Nutrigrain Bars,
Fresh fruit,
Nestles splash pure life water, (not sparkling)
Gatorade or G2
Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
$2.00 Hershey Drops
Aero Bubbles
chocolate bars
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream
Folgers/Country Style Coffee/Maxwell House
Shake 'n Bake
E. D. Smith pie filling
$3.00 or Highter Centrum Any or Advanced
Potato Chips
aMOOza cheese
Special K Cracker chip

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 23, 2018

Trade List:

Wish List:

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 17, 2018

Trade List:

Wish List:

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 14, 2018

Trade List:

Wish List:

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Trade Rating: 103
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jul 13, 2018

Trade List:
FPC / High value:

-KIND any product $1 Dec.31/19 (2)
-PediaSure Complete $3 cheque July 30/18
-Seeds of Change FREE WUB1 Oct.31/18 (2)
-Tim Hortons 10 Timbits for 10 cents WUB any Tim Hortons product Dec.31/18 (3)

-Canyon Creek Restaurant 25% off your meal Dine-in only Aug.6/18
-Canyon Creek Restaurant FREE Appetizer Aug.6/18
**southern Ontario locations: Toronto, Airport, Burlington, Niagara, Scarborough, Mississauga, Vaughan**

-Ace Bakery Bake Your Own Product $2 WUB any Ace Bakery Baguette Dec.28/18 (2)
-Ace Bakery Mini Artisan Biscotti $1 Dec.28/18 (3)
-Act II 3-pk Microwave Popcorn $0.50 Sept.30/18 (10)
-Bick's $0.50 Dec.31/18 (4)
-Canola Harvest margarine $0.35 no expiry
-Canola Harvest Non-Stick Spray or Canola Gold $0.50 no expiry
-Cheetos $1 WUB2 (245g - 310g) valid only at RCS & Extra Foods in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ont. Aug.12/18
-Iogo Protein $0.75 Aug.31/18 (3)
-Kashi Cereal $1 Dec.31/18 (10)
-Keebler Waffle Bowls or Cones $0.75 NED
-KIND any product $1 Dec.31/19 (2)
-Kraft Singles BOLD 336g $1 Nov.30/18 (5+)
-Lantic & Rogers Organic Coconut Sugar OR Smart sweetener blend 450g $1 Dec.31/18 (2)
-Marc Angelo any product $1 NED
-Mott's Fruitsations Juice Ice Bars (12), Welch's Juice Ice Bars (12) $2 WUB any 2 Sept.30/18
-Mr. Freeze No Sugar Added 45 x 60ml box $0.75 Sept.30/18
-Philadelphia Cheesecake Creme $0.50 Sept.30/18 (10+)
-Philadelphia Whipped 227g Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic or Herbed Tzatziki $0.50 Sept.30/18 (10+)
-Ryvita any $0.75 Oct.31/18 (5)
-Seeds of Change FREE WUB1 Oct.31/18 (2)
-Sun-Rype Good Bites 150g $0.75 July 31/19 (5+)
-Tilda Steamed Basmati Rice any $0.50 Sept.30/18
-Tim Horton Tea 20ct/72ct $1 Oct.31/18 (5+)
-Uncle Ben's Bistro Express FREE WUB2 Sept.10/18
-Welch's Lemonade Freezies (27), Mr. Freeze Electroice Sport (27), Crush Giant Freeze Pops (27) OR Kisko Tropics Freezies (27) $2 Sept.30/18


Oral Care:
-Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste 85 mL or larger $1 Aug.31/18 (5+)
-Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste 75 mL or larger $1 Aug.31/18 (5+)
-Colgate Total Toothpaste 60 mL or larger $1 Aug.31/18
-GUM any product $0.75 Dec.31/18 (3)
-GUM Floss or Flossers (40 ct +) $0.75 Mar.31/19 (8)
-GUM Soft-Picks (40 ct +) or Proxabrush Cleaners $1 Mar.31/19 (8)

Health & Beauty:
-A.Vogel any $2 NED (3)
-A. Vogel any 2$ NED FRENCH (2)
-Advil 12 Hour any $3 Dec.31/18 (5)
-Caltrate any product $5 Dec.31/18 #12926871
-Caltrate any product $5 Dec.31/18 #12926897
-Centrum any product $3 Dec.31/18
-Centrum MultiGummies $5 Dec.31/18
-Centrum Prenatal $5 Dec.31/18
-FitSMART Shakes $3 NED (2)
-Live Clean any product $1 NED
-Nexium 24HR $8 Dec.31/18 (3)
-Sundown Naturals $2 July 31/18 (2)
-Sundown Naturals $5 WUB2 July 31/18 (2)
-U By Kotex $3 WUB2 (excl. liner 14-22 ct, travel & trial sizes) Aug. 31/18 (3)

Baby & Kids:
-Cetaphil Baby product $3 Dec.31/18 (2)
-PediaSure Complete $3 cheque July 30/18

-Alcan BBQ Buddy $1 NED
-Renuzit 198g FREE WUB5 Aug.31/18 (9)

-Milk-Bone (750 - 900 g) or Milk-Bone Farmer's Medley (340 g) dog treats $1 Aug.31/18
-Precise or Precise Plus Cat or Dog Food $2 No Expiry (US coupon) (2)
-Purine Cat Chow or Kitten Chow dry cat food, any $3 Sept.30/18 (5+)
-Purina One dry cat food any $3 Aug.31/18 (10+)
-Royal Canin Dry Dog Food - Breed Health Nutrition Line $10.00 (all sizes) Sept.30/18 (2)
-Saular Scoopable Plus cat litter $1 NED (3)

Wish List:
I don't trade for stamps.
-FPC's (especially food)
-FPC milk
-FPC yogurt tub
-FPC hair colour
-FPC HighLiner
-GC's (stores, Tim's, Cineplex)
-Astro any yogurt
-Chapman's $3/$4/$5/FPC
-Christie crackers
-Maple Leaf Prime Chicken $2 (not entrees)
-Knorr $2 WUB2 (not $1 WUB2)
-Old Dutch chips $2 RRLF
-Olivieri fresh pasta
-PetSmart Grooming RRRLF
-Saputo cheese
-Silani cheese
-Uncle Ben's any product $1
-Cdn. Tire cash

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 4, 2018

Trade List:

Wish List:

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jun 29, 2018

Trade List:
The Venetian Islands are connected via bridges giving you the perfect backdrop on your daily community to work or taking the kids to school. Where you live matters, let us help you find your permanent paradise today!

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jun 29, 2018

Trade List:

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Last Updated on: Jun 28, 2018

Trade List:
A Habeas corpus petition is similar to an appeal, but it is usually based on evidence that was not presented at the person's trial. The most common arguments in a habeas corpus petition are that the conviction should be overturned due to ineffective assistance of counsel or there is newly discovered evidence. A Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus will legally challenge the custody of the defendant and requests that a Writ issue to correct the violation and release the person from custody.

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Trade Rating: 218
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 4, 2018

Trade List:
I have tons of coupons but very little time to update my TL. I can print out SS and P&G coupons, LMK what you're are looking for and hopefully we can work out a trade:)

Trade List :
7X Tenderflake UPC s (for free kids chef apron, shipping not incl.) details at

Mail-out/FPCs/HV /B1G1/B2G1/rare

10 Driscoll's codes for you to do a survey and print out coupons (2 prints per code) or I can print them for you
3X$1 WUB any 2 Delverde pasta packs, 4250690, NED
1x$5 WUB 2 any Slimfast products, NED


8X $0.50 Omega Pro 500g liquid egg product, NED, 42404167, from package




Personal Care:

Storage, Cleaning Products, Toileteries

some insert coupons in French, LMK what you are looking for - FREE with any trade
1X $1 any Saular Plus bag, 3.5 kg, 7kg, 12kg,
gocoupons, NED

Wish List:
WL: $5 Olymel fresh sausages booklet ($3 &2 off), HV Mouthwash coupons , 5.00 Any Centrum Aquaburst or Gummie Multi Vitamins-Dec 31/18, peelie-Jarlberg Cheese $2 5040062 exp Aug 31/18, $5 Agropour cheese, $10 Toy
$3/$2 off any Danone printable, insert,
Tena $7/$14, $1 off any participating 12 or 15 X 355ml PepsiCo product , $1.00 off Coke,
Unique codes from Danone products see the list (,
FPC 6x222mL PepsiCo soft drink (any flavour/variety), $3/$5/FPC Ozery Pita Break, FPC/HV Always Discreet pads, $1 off any Kellogg's, $1.00 on any Rougemont 2L juices , $2/FPC any Gay Lea, FPC Twining Tea, $1 Cavendish (good on any) ,FPC Haagen-Dazs Product, gift codes for , $5 /$3 Flamingo Frozen Product valid in QC, $1 Bear Paws , $2 IOGO Nano Pouch 4x90g ,$$ Iogo Nomad (drinkable), $1 Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese Snacks 168g, $2 Maple Leaf Prime Ground Turkey or Chicken, 454g, $2/FPC Krave RRRLF, 12X12 photo book or 12 months Calendar code incl.shipping from the grow on (pampers gtg) promotion,$1/2 off Pepsico peelie, $5/10 Butterball products, $1/$3/$5 Conagra ,FPC/$1 McCain fries,
$1 on any Heinz product,$1.00 General Mills cereals, $$ Lunchmate stackers, FPC Tropicana OJ, Kruger, $0.75/$1/$3 any Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Towels, Purex, or White Swan Product, $3 on any Cascade, $3/$5 Royal Velour TP, FPC Janes, $$ Neilson TruTaste Milk , $3/FPC any Danone, $1/$5 Apetina Feta Cheese, $5/$10 Maple Leaf, FPC YOP, FPC/ B1G1 Amooza, RRRLF FPC/$5/$10/ B1G1 Schneiders, RRRLF FPC Lactania/Natrel milk, $5 on any Revlon or Almay product NED, $4 Almay, $4 any Quaker, Aunt Jemima , $1 any Liberte product peelie Dec. 2017, FPC Olivieri pasta, $1/$3/$5 Kimberly Clark mail-outs, $3/$4/$5/FPC Chapmans, FPC/$ HV Coke, $$ Gushers, $1 any Post Cereal, FPC/$$ shell eggs, FPC/$2 for fresh fruit/veggies/bagged salad, Cineplex / Guzzo admission tickets, stamps

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