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Coupon Trading allows you to easily trade grocery or any kind of coupons with other members. Let's say you have some pet coupon that you don't need because you don't have pets but you're looking for Diapers coupons for your baby. You can contact people on here and exchange coupons with them. This way everyone benefits!

Hint: A person with a high "Trade Rating" indicates that others have traded with them and the trade went smoothly and as expected

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Dec 29, 2017

Trade List:
No coupons yet ..
But lots of ideas & suggestions :)

Wish List:
More friends & contacts
Coupons may come later

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Dec 24, 2017

Trade List:

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Trade Rating: 3
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Dec 10, 2017

Trade List:
I have Cineplex BOGO coupons for trade.

I'm looking for Disney codes for DMR.

Wish List:
I'm looking for Disney codes for DMR.

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Trade Rating: 213
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Dec 7, 2017

Trade List:

Wish List:
Second post in this thread.

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Dec 2, 2017

Trade List:

Wish List:

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Nov 30, 2017

Trade List:
No coupons yet - I am more into list building, hosting & promo tools

Wish List:
No coupons yet - more interested in team work with active online promotional system users

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Trade Rating: 129
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Oct 28, 2017

Trade List:
Changes daily!

Wish List:
Allens/Rougement Apple Juice
Almond Milk
Canned beans/tuna
Country Harvest cereal
Kraft anything printables ok)
Oil of Olay **RRLF...good on bodywash/facial
Royale Toilet Paper, $1
Tampax Radiant, $2+
Shaving gel (ladies) coupons

FPC anything really :)
Allens Apple Juice,
Becel, good on any
Bread, no gluten free
Catelli smart pasta
Cheemo Perogies
Christie Crackers
Cheese Bricks
Country Harvest bread***
Delissio frozen pizza***
Duncan Hines cake mix
Ice Cream - Nestle, Breyers, Ben & Jerry’s or Chapmans
Jane's Chicken $2+
Kashi cereal ***
Kelloggs Mini Wheats cereal ***
Kraft Peanut Butter ***
Old South frozen concentrate orange juice
Silk soy or Silk True Almond Beverage drink/milk***
Tetley Tea, $1


lysol or clorox wipes***
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner or other brands
Palmolive dish soap
Dawn dish soap
Pine Sol

$2+ Always Radiant
$1+Tampax/Tampax Radiant***
Skintimate Shave Gel ***
$1 Degree, ladies or mens
$2 Axe shower gel, good on any

PET FOOD & Supplies
RRLF**Greenies treats for cats or small dogs
MAXX clumping cat litter, any value!!***
Arm & Hammer kitty litter
RRLF**Marro Chew bone
Whiskas, Tempations Treats

Make up remover pads
"claw" hair clips (medium to large size - I have long hair!)
Reece's Peanut butter cups
Beeswax chapstick
Generic birthday cards - adults, funny ones preferably
funny caption cocktail napkins
air fresheners for the car - fruity, vanilla, no floral
Anything used to decorate cakes/cupcakes (ie edible sheets, candy decorations, cupcake wraps, etc)
Nail polish & top coat & quick dry - toluene free only
Doritos - regular flavor only
Sweedish berries, blue fish, green thumbs
Almonds - Blue Diamond fav - lime & blk pepper the best!
peanuts - any but dry roasted
Lindt chocolate bars - with nuts OK
microwave popcorn
Ghardelli or Swiss miss hot chocolate packets
K-cups - green tea, hot chocolate, light roast coffee (flavoured OK)
Bakers semi sweet chocolate
chocolate or peanut butter chips
white chocolate flavored pudding (boxes)
Decorative tea towels & wash cloths in red/black/sage green
How the Grinch Stole Christmas DVD Burned copy ok!
Fabric softener sheets
Trident/Excel/Dentyne gum-love Midnight rush!
Black licorice
Treat for a small dog (bones/rawhide/no milk bones)
Cat toys
Lysol wipes
Bath & Body scented plugin refills, no floral
Erasers (I think my son eats them!!)....not really but where do they all go?
Travel size hairspray & gel
Wilton food colouring -any color but red or black

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Trade Rating: 115
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Oct 25, 2017

Trade List:
-I'm looking to trade COUPONS I CAN'T USE for COUPONS I CAN USE
As long as we are both happy.
Trades of $10+ just make more cents (ha ha..CENTS)

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Trade Rating: 442
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Sep 2, 2017

Trade List:
Changes on a regular basis. Just ask if I have anything specific, always have lots!!!

Please no store specific!!!!

WISHLIST ITEMS:(wont fit on list)

Stamps (always needed)
Gift Cards(WM, RCSS, LD or Timmies)

- FPC or B1G1 Kelloogs Morning Shakes
- FPC Cheerios (regular ones)
- FPC Kelloggs or General Mills
- FPC Kraft philly cream cheese
- FPC McCains Super Fries
- FPC Whiskas Cat Food (wet or dry)
- FPC Kids snacks (Dunkaroos, Bear Paws, ect. let me know what you have)
- FPC Frito Lays exp July 31 2015 upc 84213105
- FPC PepsiCo exp July 31 2015 upc 842213091
- FPC any Quaker product exp July 31 2015 upc 84213118
- FPC Tropicana exp July 31 2015 upc 842131
- FPC any Tim Hortons Hot Beverage exp Apr 30 (would love multiples) RRRLLLLFFFF
- FPC Michelinas NED
- FPC Old El Paso exp Dec 31

- $3 & $5 Maxx Scoop RRRRLLLFFFF
- $5 SC Johnson (Ziplock or Saran) exp Aug 31
- $5 Playtex voucher
- $2 & $3+ Danone vouchers
- $$ Quaker mail outs
- $1 Royale NED
- $1 Sunrype mail outs (good on anything)
- $2 Sunrype mailouts
- $5 Colgate Palmolive (June 30 2015)
- $5 Clorox/Green Works
- Campbells mail outs
- $5 Maple Leaf vouchers
- B1G1 Bassili's Best 907g exp. Dec.31 '16
- $$$ Quaker coupons from company-good on anything
- $1+ Weston bakery vouchers NED
- .75c Kelloggs cereals (Fruit Loops,ect.) exp June 30 2015 (from Fun Pacs)
- $2 Gillette Deodorant exp Feb 2015
-$2+ wub 1 Folgers K-cups
- Conagra Vouchers from company
- Campbells mail outs
- $2+ Kimberly Clark vouchers
- $2 J&J coupons good on Tylenol,ect
- Kelloggs $2 (NED)
- $1 Cheemo progies NED
- $1+ valid on any Always product
- $1+ valid on any Playtex product
- $1 any Ziploc Storage Bag, 33693271, Dec 30, 2015
- $1 Goldfish crackers
- $1 wub 2 Kraft Dinner (printed in colour)~ (any still out there??)
- $1 wub 1 Philly cheese, only on reg. kind (printed in colour)~ (any still out there??)
- .75c Sunrype Juice 900mL RRRRLLLLFFFFF
- $1 General Mills peelies
- $$$ Baileys coffee creamer coupons (do any exist???)
- $1 Oasis 8x200ml or 5x200ml products upc 2250997 exp July 31/15
- $1 Eggos exp Sept 30 2015
- .50c + International Delight coffee creamer
- $0.50 on the purchase of a participating box of Hamburger Helper (158-255g) exp. April 30, 2015
- $1 any Pepsico 12x355mL exp April 30 2015 RRRRLLLLFFFF
- $2 Hershey Canada inc. product
- Christie cookies/crackers (mail outs)
- .50c+ Dare NED
- $2 Advil NED
- $4 Advil (50-125 ct) exp May 30
- $3 Kruger mail out exp Dec 31
- .50c McCains Tasti-taters, fries and Pizza pockets NED
- $1 Purina cat litter NED
-$1 Bear Paws

Wish List:
Posted above!

Being a low income family, always looking for most HV and call in coupons!

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knitting nurseknitting nurse

Trade Rating: 453
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Aug 14, 2017

Trade List:

Wish List:

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