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Trade Rating: 0

Trade List:
==>>> W I S H L I S T <<<==
FPC(no Kashi),GC
Futura Rewards UPCs
Permanent Stamps
Quaker Aeroplan 10-pt codes
== P O I N T S ==
Aeroplan points
Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum
Air Miles
Futura Rewards
== C O U P O N S ==
Coke/Sprite/pepsi 12X355ml case regular(no Diet or Caffiene-free)
Lays, Ruffles chips
Any Milk 4L bag (no carton)
Ragu Pasta sauce
Shoppers Optimum bonus points coupon
Quaker chew bar/Oatmeal to Go
NESTLÉ WATERS 24/30x500ml(no green tea)
Propel Vitamin Supplement
Aveeno positively ageless
Swanson Dinners
Naturegg Omega 3 or Omega Pro shell eggs (no liquid)
any Bread(no sunmaid)

== T R A D E L I S T == all coupons are multiples unless otherwise noted
Iams Dog food 7lb or larger $5(nov 29 or later) X 3
Iam Dog food 8lb or large $5(nov 18) x1
Purina Pro Plan Selects $7.50(nov 18) X 2
Purina Dog chow $1(Jan 31)x M
Purina Beneful Dry dog any size $1 (Mar 31)x M
Purina Beneful Wet dog 283g wub2 $1 (Mar 31)x M
Iams Cat food 4lb or larger $5(nov 18) X 2
Iams Cat food 3.5lb or larger $5(nov 29 or later) x3
Purina Cat chow $1(Jan 31)x M
Purina Buy 1.36kg fancyfeast get 2can free(Dec 31)x M

Good nites $3 (Dec 29)
Huggies - any package diapers $1.50 … Dec 31/07
Huggies - any package diapers $2 (Dec 1
Huggies Clean Team - any product $1.00 (Dec 31/07
Huggies Bath and Body $1 (Dec 1
Huggies Good Nites - any package $2.00 (Dec 31/07
Pull-ups training pants( Jumbo or larger) $2.5 (Dec 1
coupons for the toyexpress (Jan 1)

FPCs,Highvalues/ B1G1F/Miscellaneous
2 Free General admission to any one of 9 Toronto Museums NED
2 for 1 Argo tickets (Oct 28)
Free Aspirin 81mg Quick Chew 30 tablets (Dec 31)
Free Haircut voucher Great clips(Dec 31)---FIND A SALON
Free Crush 2L when you buy Crush freeze pops 100/20ml,30/ 150ml or Kisko/Crush giants 45/150ml(dec)
Free $5 bet or bite woodbine
$10 off sherkston shores family funworks pass (Oct 31)
$10 off general admission fallsview waterpark (Dec 30)
20% off admission ontario science center (Jan 6)
$10 off toronto helicopter tour(max 8 tickets) (May 31)
Herbal Essences hair colour B1G1F(mar 2008)
Cineplex Admission B1G1F(oct 31)
Secondcup cafe delights 0.5 (Dec 30)
$6.6 Phamaplus GC

Lipton iced tea or Tropicana twister B2G1F
Kraft Real Bacon Bit - 50˘
Aquafina tropicana twist. lipton or dole bev wub2 $1.5
Fantastik original 650ml $1
Scrubbing bubble fresh brush max star $2
Nestle carnation breakfast anytime $1
Christie waferstix .5

Crest toothpaste(excl Cavity&Tartar protection)plus Scope plus Oral-B toothbrush … $2.50 x2
Crest Whitestrips Product $5x 2
Covergirl Trublend $2 x3
Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit $1 x3
Dawn liquid dish detergent .5
Gay lea whipped cream aerosol or 500ml sour cream wub2 .75
Head and Shoulders Products Wub 2 $3.5 x3
Kleenex facial tissue B2 packages or 1 Bundle pack $1
McCain solo gourmet pizza .75 x1
Natural Instincts $2x3
Nice'n Easy $1 x3
Oral B Power Toothbrush $3x 3
Olay Definity moisturizer and Olay Definity Cleanser $8 x3
Olay facial moisturizer and Olay Facial Cleanser $5 x3
Olay Facial Moisturizer and Olay Body Product $5 x3
Olay Facial Moisturizer $3 x2
Olay Facial Cleanser $2 x1
Olay Body Wash $1 x3
Pringles salt&vinegar .3
Secret Clinical Strength Power Solid
Tenderflake Pie,Tart,Patty shell or Puff pastry + Europe's best Fruit or vegetable $2
Tide Pure essentials .75x2
Venus razor - any kind except disposables … $2.00 x3

Airwick oil refill $1
Alphacell cellulite cream $2
Astro Yogurt multipack .4
Becel Omega3 plus margarine $0.75
Chapman's Frozen Yogurt 2L icecream $1
Cheer laundry $1
Cold-FX - any package or bottle $2.00
Danone Naturali 0.5
Dare simple pleasures cookie bars .5
Dutch crunch cooked potato chips 310g B3G1F
Flintstones multiple vitamins $2
Gain Laundry $1
Gay Lea Spreadables butter 227g $0.50
Husky fuel $1
Hellmann's Salad Spritzers $0.75
Hellmann's Mayonnaise,salad spritzer or dressing $1
High Liner (700g or 500g)wub2 $2
Kashi product any $1
Kellogg's Special K Vanilla almond cereal .5
Kleenex facial tissue B2 $1
Kotex on two packages $1.50
Nature valley fibresource .5
Naturegg Simply Egg Whites 500ml $0.60
Naturegg omega plus shell eggs .5
Pert Plus $1
Pillsbury cookies B2 $0.75
Pillsbury Grands $0.50
Poise $1
Post shredded wheat .75
Post honeh bunches of oats cereal .75
Purex liquid laundry $1
Reach 200 or access flosser
Revlon any cosmetic product $1
Robax Platinum $2
Scrub Free .75
Soft Scrub product $1
Splenda any excluding 50s $1
Sunmaid Raisins B2 $1.50
Sun-Rype 1L .4
Sunsilk any $1
Tetley Green Tea canister FREE when you buy Peek Freans Life style
Windex outdoor 950ml $1

2000 Flushes B3 $2.50 (feb 28)
Advil cold&sinus or Children's advil $1(June 30)
Advil for tough pain $1 (Aug 31)
Air Wick Scented Oil Kit $3 (Apr 30)
Astro Fatfree zero .5 (March 30)
Becel any .5 (Jan 1)
Bernardin Sweet pickle,Dill pickle or Salsa mix $0.75 (June 30)
Cavendish farms crispy 0.5 (Apr 30)
Campbell's mega noodles,Chicken noodle O's,Goldfish pasta in chicken broth or Goldfish tomato splash condensed soup 284ml $0.50 (Jan 31)
Campbell's soup at hand or Chunky to go soup $0.50 (Jan 31)
Cetaphil cleaner or moisterizer $1 (Dec 31)
Christie Rice Thins 0.5 (Jan 31)
Cottonnelle bathroom tissue $1 (Jan 15)
Danone Silhouette .5 (Jan 31)
Dairyland Cottage Cheese Combos or 1%-any flavour, multipack $1 (Mar 31)
Dairyland Alive $1 (Mar 31)
Dial bodywash 532ml $1 (Jan 31)
Durex Play vibrations $1 (Dec 31)
Glad SimplyCooking Microwave Steaming Bags, 50c, (Jan 31)
Hellmann's Mayonnaise $0.75 (May 1)
Highliner 680g $1 (Apr 30)
Kellogg’s Eggo .5 (Sep 30)
Kellogg's Mini-Wheats Strawberry or Vanilla flavoured cereal $0.50 (May 31)
Kraft Dinner cups wub2 .3 (June 30)
Kraft Philadelphia Whipped .5 (Feb 29)
Myoflex $2 (Feb 29)
Naturegg breakfree 500ml liquid egg .35 (Dec 31)
Nescafe or Coffee-Mate $1(Dec 31)
NeoCitran fan,Thin strips or warming relief syrup $1 (Apr 30)
Quaker 900g Baking mix any $2 (March 31)
Right Guard $1 (Jan 31)
Scott paper towel $1 (Jan 15)
Sensational Soy any $0.75 (May 31)
Slimfast any meal replacement $1 (Jun 30)
Smucker's Pure 500ml jam .4 (June 30)
Spot Shot products B3 $3.50(feb 28)
Tetley iced tea 1.89L $1 (Dec 31)
V8 Original(1.89l) plus V8 Vplus(1.36l) $1 (July 31)
Webber Naturals $1 (Sep 30)
Youplait yoptimal immuni+ .5 (Oct 31)
Yoplait Minigo .5 (Feb 26)

Bernardin Pickle Mixes wub2 $1 (DEC
Bernardin Mason Jars wub2 cases $2 (DEC
Bernardin Pectins wub2 $1
Bernardin Salsa Mixes wub2 $1

Patak's .75
McCormick Grourmet Spice .5

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Trade Rating: 2
Positive Ratings: 100%

Trade List:
2 - Dempster PINs available -I need one code from inside Stouffers or Lean Cuisine, please

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Trade Rating: 0

Trade List:
Since couponing is new to me I don't have many so I'm listing them alphabetically.
Will send these out with a SASE
I'm interested in Europe's Best Fruit, Motts Garden Cocktail, Post Raisin Bran, All-Bran Buds, Simply Egg Whites for 08, Soy Beverages for 08, Tetley

Arm & Hammer Advance Clean or Supreme Fresh Toothpaste $.50 No expiry

Cashmere Double $3 on purchase of 2 Dec 31/07 (2)

Garnier Fructis Color Resist System (Shampoo.Conditioner, Mask) $5 Feb 01/08
Garnier Fructis Color Resist Product $1 Feb 28/08
Glad Microwave Steaming Bags $.75 June 30/08

Kashi Any product $1 Dec 31/07

Motrin IB (24's or larger) $3 Dec 31/08

Natur-a Soya Beverage $.50 Dec 31/07 (4)
Naturegg Simply Egg Whites 500 G Liquid Egg Product $.75 Dec 31/07

Tylenol Acetaminophen Pain Relivers $2 June 30/08
Tylenol Cold $2 June 30/08
Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps $2 Dec 31/08

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Trade Rating: 0

Trade List:
Would anyone like to trade for a perfect 10 coupon?

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Trade Rating: 0

Trade List:
2$ off Rhinaris no Exp
3$ Off Breathe Right Strip with 6 samples of strips.
3$ Off Tylenol Arthritis Pain exp 12-2008
1$ Off Liter of Silk exp 08-2008
1$ Off Air Wick odour Stop Exp 06-2008
.75 C Off Ziploc Zip and Steam exp 07-2008
.50 C off fredent Total Gum exp 10-2008

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Trade Rating: 0

Trade List:
Free Movie Tickets - Cinema Pass

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Dean Crawshaw

Trade Rating: 0

Trade List:
I'm mainly trading sports products from all over the world, any offers, I'll help you out and provide you with legit great company offers on products

Wish List:
I wish to just hopefully provide you people with some good decent links, to great customer products. Which should be cheaper than other on the door market sales.

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Cynthia T Varennes

Trade Rating: 0

Trade List:

Wish List:
~*~ Wishlist ~*~

** I would prefer a minimum $8 trade, to make postage worth while for both of us **

** If you have a trade list or trade album I would love to browse it as well, in case
you have something not on my list that I still might be interested in **

Will Accept:
~Inserts --- Yes
~French --- NO
~Store/Province Specific --- Let me know.
~Prints --- Only if specified (color only, no more than one print per wl item)
~Multiples --- Pls ask first
~Small Gift Cards (looking for Tim Cards/walmart/SMD)
~Huggies Points


Any FPC Just Let me know What You Might Have! : )
FPC Chapmans Sport Lolly
FPC Fererro
FPC Janes Chicken
FPC Kelloggs or General Mills good on ANY
FPC Dry Cat Food
FPC McCains for pizza, mini pizza or deep n delicious cake
FPC Old El Paso Taco Kit
FPC's from Pepsi Promo

Please no values lower than any specified value.

$5/$4 Chapmans good on ANY
$5/$10 Colgate-Palmolive Mailout
$2/$3/$4 ANY Kimberly Clark Product
$5 Maple Leaf
$5 Aleve
$5 Maxx Litter (RRRRLFFF)
$3 Dr O pizza from pop box March 2014 or later exp
$6 McCains good on ANY
$2/$3/$5 Royale good on ANY
$5 Schneiders
Cineplex Admit One Vouchers or Night out Vouchers

Please no values lower than any specified value.
(* $$ * This means Any Amount)

$2 Delissio Frozen Pizza
$1 Lipton Tea (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$1 Arctic Garden (Good On Any) exp June 2014 (Enough For Now)
$2 Minute Rice
$$ Pillsbury
$$ Swanson Skillet
$$ Stash Tea
$$ Tetley (good on any)
$$ Aunt Jemima Syrup or Pancake Mix
$1 McCains Cakes (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$$ Ritz Crackers or Crispers
$.75 Kelloggs Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Cinnamon Corn Pops (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$$ Kelloggs Pot Tarts (RRRRLFFF)
$$ Kelloggs Rice Krispy squares (NOT THE CEREAL) (RRRRLFFF)
$2 Kellogg's Cereal
$$ Bear Paws Cookies ONLY (RRRRLFFF)
$2 wub2 Pringles or other
$$ Dunkaroo's
$$ Minigo
$$ Danino
$$ Wonderbread
$$ Wonderful Pistachios
$$ Jello Pudding
$$ Bisquik
$$ Cup of Soup
$$ Mr. Noodle
$.75 On Pepperidge Farm Products
$$ Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
$$ Harvest Crunch (good on any)
$$ Christie Crackers/Cookies
$$ Mott's Fruitsation Snacks
$$ Christie Potato thins
$$ Dad's Cookies
$$ McCain’s Hash brown (Not Fries)
$$ Nestle Ice Cream
$$ Top Dogs (RRRRLLFFF)
$$ Grill Ems Sausages
$$ Chips (lays, old dutch, Doritos, ruffles etc)
$1 and up wub 1 ONLY Bread (Villagio, Dempsters, D'Italiano)
$$ Cheemo Perogies
$1.50 Babybel (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$1+ Dempsters bagels WUB1 ONLY (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$$ Quaker instant oatmeal WUB1 (not cream of wheat) (RRRRLFFF)
$$ Maple Leaf Bacon
$$ Orville Popcorn (not ready to eat bags)
$$ Shake N Bake
$$ Maple Leaf good on any
$.50 Nutella (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$$ Fresh Veggies or Fruit (not Mann's)
$$ Energy Drinks
$$ Silani Ricotta Cheese
$$ Lucky Charms Cereal
$$ Pasta - Regular only (not barilla plus)
$1 Hot Chocolate (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$1 Any catelli pasta (not Gluten Free)
$1 Cheez whiz (from taco box) (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$1 General Mills
$2 Goldfish wub1 (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$$ Heinz Ketchup ONLY
$$ Hellmans Mayo not WUB
$$ Imperial Margarine
$.75/$1 and up International Delight (RRRRLFFF)
$2 and up Janes Chicken
$1 Johnsonville Good on ANY (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$.75 Minute Maid Juice Boxes
$1 Simply Orange (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$1 Pepsi or Coke products including 12 pack cans (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$$ Brisk 12pk cans


$2 Royale Tissue Boxes (RRRRLFFF)
$2 Royale Toilet Paper
$1 Colgate/Palmolive mailout
$1.50 Kruger Products (cashmere/sponge towels/purex/white swan/scotties)
$2 wub2 any Ziploc products (not containers)
$2 Gain Laundry
$2 Sunlight Laundry (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$1 Children's Pepto or regular (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$3 Robitussin Meds
$$ Maxx clumping kitty litter (RRRRLFFF)
$3 Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal (Insert) (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$2 Glad Outdoor Garbage Bags
$2 Pink Hang Tag ( Tresemme, axe .. )
$2 Any Pantene products (ENOUGH FOR NOW)
$$ L'Oreal Kids

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