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Canadian Coupon Trading

Coupon Trading allows you to easily trade grocery or any kind of coupons with other members. Let's say you have some pet coupon that you don't need because you don't have pets but you're looking for Diapers coupons for your baby. You can contact people on here and exchange coupons with them. This way everyone benefits!

Hint: A person with a high "Trade Rating" indicates that others have traded with them and the trade went smoothly and as expected

Reminder: Don't forget to rate people after trading with them

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Trade Rating: 451
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 26, 2016

Trade List:

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Trade Rating: 2
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 25, 2016

Trade List:
Cineplex bogo exp. June 30.....3

I can private message you the codes.

Wish List:
Aveeno $5.00

Sweet Baby Rays Bbq sauce

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Trade Rating: 518
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 21, 2016

Trade List:

Wish List:

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Trade Rating: 2
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 12, 2016

Trade List:
Entertainment book 2016 coupons

Wish List:
The vault
Washington avenue grill
The Cabin
8 1/2 lounge
Poseidon Greek
Shaughnessy restaurant
Taste of Punjab

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Anne Lortie

Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jun 11, 2016

Trade List:
random coupons

Wish List:
Axe body was good on any 1,50$
Black diamond cheese strings .75$/1$
1$ olay body wash
1$/2$ ginger ale canada dry
pizza delissio
pasta reg
pasta sauce

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Trade Rating: 13
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 7, 2016

Trade List:
FPC Seventh Generation Laundry detergent (quick trade)

FPC Quaker steel cut oats
FPC Granola bars (banana choc chip)
FPC Nature Valley Squares
(other FPC from quaker promotion)
$10 off Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail (Step version)

$2 stayfree pads coupons

Wish List:
Similac Mom cheques
Similac rebate cheques
Enfamil FPC
Similac FPC
High value diaper coupons

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Trade Rating: 9
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: May 31, 2016

Trade List:

(2) FPC Whiskas Perfect Portions 2 x 37.5g - (Exp. June 25/2016)

(3) FPC Nordica Smooth Lemon, Vanilla Bean or Salted Caramel - (Exp. Sept 30/2016)

(3) FPC McCain Red Skin Potato Product (650g) - (Exp. Aug 30/2016)

(3) FPC Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners Bottle (4oz) - (Exp. Aug 31/2016)

***Will trade 1 FPC for 2000 Optimum Points***

Open to REASONABLE offers if you trade more.

Wish List:
Shoppers Optimum Points

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Trade Rating: 32
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: May 26, 2016

Trade List:

I will trade generously for wishlist coupons.I prefer to trade coupons for coupons but I will trade for GC, stamps or sdm points

English coupon, I also have some French coupon, contact me for the list


1Xfree nestlé pure life sparkling cans 12X355ml case any variety (Dec 31, 2016)
7X1$ any delissio rustico pizza any variety (dec 31, 2016)
4X$1 a bag of vercotr ganola honey almond (317g)
2X$0.75 typhoo 80c regulat or 80c decaf (no expiry)
2X 0.75$ exceldor chicken or turkey product (no expiry)
2X$0.50 Dainty one box of 350g (exp December 31 2016)
1X$1 any size king cole tea bags

1X$2 cetaphil cleanser (dec 31st,2018)

4X$3 one package of pull-ups training pants (jumbo Pack or larger) (june 15, 2016)
1X$5 similac rebate cheque (october 29 2016)
1X$5 similac rebate cheque k (septembre 29th 2016)
3X $5 Similac advance with Omega 3 and Omega 6, 8X59ml (August 31st 2016)

Wish List:
Aylmer, nesquick (powder ), bread, yogurt (not iogo or activia), oasis classic, milk (quebon),Sealtest product,baker chocolate, old el paso kit or salsa , Mini Wheats or Kellogg's (good on any) ,cereal quaker, Mott's Fruitsations, Fruit Rockets,Ziploc bag, Dare bear paw, mott cocktail garden, V8,Perpperidge farm sweet crisps,christie potato thins, any veggy or fruit (except driscoll) , Stayfree, laundry detergent purex, baby food

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: May 25, 2016

Trade List:
whole blends 1$ tear pad
dove men deoderant (many availiable)
2.50 pepperettes, ham, and county naturals lunch meat (not good on any) size specific
dog food(many)
cat food (many)
pampers (p and g)
updated may 25/2016

Wish List:
gold bond tare pad (not wm mag)
vaseline insert any (not tare pad)
RRRLF***melitta coffee ANY except the one with the barcode ending in 68
JUICE any except the tomato blends
save 1$ on garnier not the tare pad
Royale any is fine printed is fine
RRRLF**whole blends from the mailout or printed (not the tare pad)
Any pizza coupon
Any cheese slices coupon
Royale Tiger Towels printed is fine or any
BOGO klondike
fpc gaylea
fpc cat food/dog food
general mills cereal
tostitos cantina
Loreal expertise save wub2/ save 1.50
bear paws
quaker bars
any bars snacks for childrens lunches
any covergirl over 1.00 wub2 is fine

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Trade Rating: 35
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: May 25, 2016

Trade List:
Trade List
* - FPC, High Value or rare coupon

*FPC Nordica Smooth 02708645 (Sept 30/16)

*X2-FPC Nautregg Omega 3 Hard boiled 2 egg snack pack 42405290 (No expire date)

$2 off Covergirl plumpify Mascara 0022700-203093 (June 30/16)

$1.50 off any Dove Quench absolute shampoo, conditioner or supreme cream serum 89289923 ( July 1/16)

$0.50 off Any Michelina's Entree 47000269 (Decemeber 31/16)

$1 off any Johnsonville sausage product 44201731(Decemeber 31/16)

$1 off any one Cavendish flavor crisp, simply home style, oven crisp or restaurant style 24506104 (Decemeber 31/16)

$0.75 off any Black Diamond cheese slices 46218865 (Decemeber 31/16)

$2 off any 2 Mrs. Dash seasoning blends 55g or larger 60003948 (Decemeber 31/16)

$1 off Denta life chews Purina 27680865 (October 31/16)

*$2.50 off any one Melitta product 14709526 (August 31/16)

Wish List:
Wish List

My family is Gluten and Dairy free so any Diya coupons or any gluten free

RRRRRRRRLF ANY FPC food, cleaning or misc make an offer.

Cleaning products over $1.50 0ff

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