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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jun 26, 2017

Trade List:
Landscaping Sydney, Garden Design Sydney, Landscape Design Sydney, Landscape Gardeners Sydney, Landscape Designers Sydney, Pool Landscaping Sydney, Garden Design Sydney Eastern Suburbs​, Courtyard Design Sydney,

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Trade Rating: 194
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 25, 2017

Trade List:

FT: Save $2 on any THREE (3) of Clover Leaf's variety of Flavoured Tuna 85g & 142g, Snacks 90g & 99g and Tonno Preferito Gourmet Yellowfin in Pure Olive Oil 3x80g pack UPC 25410466 September 30, 2017 (from newspaper)

**the 85g flavoured tuna often goes on sale for $1 or less, so by combining the $2 WUB3 coupon with the sale price, 1 can only costs about 33 cents**

LF: $5.00 GC + 1 P stamp in exchange for one (1) bundle of 25 x $2.00 WUB 3 Clover Leaf coupons

To view a photo of the Clover Leaf coupon, please click on the following link:

Wish List:

- most FPCs
- any $ amount off J-Cloths
- any $ amount off Sensodyne toothpaste
- SDM Optimum points
- postage stamps
GCs from: RCSS, Walmart, Costco, SDM, London Drugs, Save-On Foods, Safeway, Sephora, iTunes,,, The Keg, or Bon Appetit (redeemable at Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, Montana's, Kelsey's, Milestones)
- due to the high cost of postage, trading large quantities of samples is best for local, in-person trades only:
- most cosmetics samples (except body lotion, perfume, tinted BB cream or foundation) such as mascara, facial moisturizer, facial cleanser, make-up removing cleansing wipes, facial cleansing cloths, shampoo & conditioner, hair products, Crest Whitestrips, etc. (must be unopened and unexpired)
- most laundry product samples (except fabric softener) such as laundry detergent (liquid or pods) or in-wash scent boosters (Downy Unstopables, Gain Fireworks, Bounce Bursts), etc.
- sample packets of Dawn dishwashing liquid
- sample packets or tubes of L'Occitane en Provence hand or body cream with shea butter (any fragrance)

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Trade Rating: 70
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jun 17, 2017

Trade List:

Looking for:

FPC from Kelloggs Cereal boxes: Cereal, Milk, Bananas, Yogurt, Juice, Berries
FPC for Green Giant veggies WUB Sidekicks
FPC Diapers, ANY
FPC Bolthouse Farms
FPC Old El Paso
FPC Kashi Granola Bars or any Kashi product
FPC Vlasic Pickles
FPC Duncan Hines
FPC Cloverleaf Tuna or Salmon
FPC Cheese
FPC Christies, Dad's or Peek Freans
FPC SC Johnson Saran wrap
Other Food FPCs, just ask!!!

Fresh Food:
Any peelies from salads
Fresh Express Salads
Dole Salads
Earthbound Farm Salads
Villagio Buns or bread
D’Italiano Buns or bread
Country Harvest Bread
Driscoll's Berries (printables fine)

Yoplait Yogurt
Coffee Cream
Feta Cheese

Marc Angelo meats – NED ones
Maple Leaf (good on bacon, lunch meats)
Schneiders (lunch Meat)
Bluewater Fish
Highliner Fish
Johnsonville Sausage

Cereal/Snack Foods:
Nutrigrain bars
Thinsations coupons
$3 or $5 Chapmans
Kashi granola bars FPC or $ off
Kashi FPC – valid on any product
Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup
Quaker Minis rice Snacks
Sunrype Squiggles or other fruit snacks (printables are fine)

Frozen Foods:
Any Frozen Fruit or Veggies
Ice Cream
Breakfast Hashbrowns Any

Canned Goods/Staples:
Kraft Foods Coupons (peanut butter, crackers etc)
Classico or Hunts Pasta Sauce
VH Sauce
Any baking products (Flour, fleishmans yeast, chocolate chips, baking soda, powder, cocoa...)
Heinz Ketchup
Olive Oil, Canola Oil (any brand)
Bullseye BBQ sauce
Old El Paso
Cambells Soup, Goldfish etc $0.50 off coupon
Dole's Pineapple
Primo (valid on any Primo Products)

Nabob, Starbucks Coffee
Coke products
Sunrype or Minute Maid Pure Fruit Juice
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

Cleaning/Household/Personal Care/Pet:
Ziploc or Glad Freezer bags
Purex Toilet Paper
Greenworks, Seventh Generation or Method Cleaners
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet bowl
Tide Laundry Detergent $1 or better
Purex 3 in 1 Sheets
Purex $3 OFF
Downy $1
Bounce $1 (not bar)
Adult Advil
Adult Motrin
Crest toothpaste
Secret Deoderant $1.50
Science Diet Cat Food (adult cat food valid at Petsmart)
Maax Cat Litter $1.50 off

Points Etc:
Pampers Gifts to Grow codes
Amazon, Chapters GCs or codes
Gift cards/certificates available from Airmiles

Wish List:
Aveeno Baby products FPC or $3 off
Childrens Motrin
Childrens Advil
Orajel toothpaste

Food coupons:

General Mills Manufacturers $1 off any
Primo Foods $1
Unico $1
Philidelphia Products

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Trade Rating: 82
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: May 28, 2017

Trade List:
$5 off maple syrup on your next purchase of any general mils cereal exp. August 31, 2017

French coupons from redplum

Wish List:
RRLF Playtex tampons
RRLF IOGO yogourt 650g
FPC juice, food items
LF almond milk ( silk or other )
$ .50 off Oasis (960mL, 8 x 200mL, 5 x 200mL) *2250985.
Glutino FPC, BOGO,or $1 off
RLF any saputo,,dofino cheese ( no blue cheese)
LF Mott"s fruit / vegetable snack .50 off or more
LF Artic gardens frozen veg. $1.00 off
LF Nestle sparkling water or bottled water
LF Perrier or any other mineral water
LF Dole salad
LF any milk
LF Unstopables
LF marcelle, revlon,rimmel coupons good for mascara or other make-upproducts
LF Dofino havarti cheese, armstong cheese
LF Fiber 1 granola bars any bars except all bran
LF Mrs Dash ok for now
LF Tropicana juice
$1 Dr. Oetker pizza
LF pins for stouffers
Kraft Salad Dressing, not refrigerated (printed ok)

Printables: Yes
French: Yes
Stacking: Doesnít matter as I canít in Quebec
Store specific: N

TreStelle Ricotta
Milk any kind
Philadelphia cream cheese
Yogourt any kind especially liberte. IOGO no danactive
Cheese slices or brick or armstrong brand, or any kind
Nestle ice cream or Chapman ice cream or
Parlour ,Bryers ice cream

Mazola oil o.k.for now
Olive oil
Hellman's mayo


Glutino products gluten free
Old El Paso dinner kits
Campbell soup
Heinz ketchup
Mrs Dash
Miracle whip
Ristorante pizza or panebello or other
$2 off Delissio Thin crust or Rising crust
$1 off Mccain pizza
$$ off Parlour/Breyers ice cream
Wing wong products (ok for now)
Coffee Nabob or other(no instant or Melitta )
Lean cuisine or other


Soft drinks any kind (Includes diet)
Tropicana juice
Oasis juice
Minute Maid frozen juice or other

Iams dry dog food $ 5.00 off

Rimmel mascara or other brands good on mascara


Mr Clean or other( o.k. for now)
Windex o.k. for now
Toilet paper

Tim Horton's GC
HBC points

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: May 15, 2017

Trade List:
Apparel & Clothing
Air & crafts
Home & Gardens
Gifts & Flowers
Jewellery & Watches
Food & Drinks

Wish List:
Apparel & Clothing
Air & crafts
Home & Gardens
Gifts & Flowers
Jewellery & Watches
Food & Drinks

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Trade Rating: 236
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: May 6, 2017

Trade List:
See my full list here, updated almost everyday:

(6) Save $3 on any Fresh Meat when you buy any Club House La Grille product (excl. 60 and 58g), 20905880; Aug 31/17
(21) Knorr, $1 off when you buy any 2 Knorr OR Hellmann's products, 87411328; May 22/17
(6) Post Sugar Crisp cereal, any 365-550g box, $2; 26004482; May 3/17
(9) Orville Redenbacher's Ready to Eat Popcorn 116-220g, OR Popcorn Chips 155g, $2; 44408057; Dec 31/17 (printed in B&W, different pins)
(1) U by Kotex, $2 off any one package of U by Kotex products (not valid on Liners 14-22 ct. or trial/travel packs), 13930888; Apr 30/17 (printed in B&W)
(2) Glucerna cheque $3; Aug 14/17
(1) Naturegg, $1 Naturegg Simply Egg Liquid Whole Eggs 42409566 NED (peelie)
(1) Egg Creations, $1 Egg Creations French Toast Blend Liquid Egg products 42409612, NED (peelie)
(7) Advil, $3 any Children's Advil product, 12927829, June 1/17
(1) Danon, any product, $3, Apr 30/17 (printed in B&W)
(2) Driscoll's, any product, $1; May 5/17 (printed in B&W, different pins)

SAMPLES (all sealed; some samples don't have expiry dates, just some codes)

(20) Crest 3D White Whitestrips LUXE Supreme FlexFit (from December 2016 Walmart magazine)
(1) Crest 3D White Whitestrips - 2 Hour Express


(12) Advil, $3 off any Children's Advil product, 12927829; June 1/17
(16) Cetaphil Baby product, any, $3; 38304141; Dec 31/18
(24) Disney or Star Wars Gummies product, any, $1.50; 99801342; Apr 30/17
(1) Enfamil, $8 off Enfamil A+, Enfamil A+ Gentlease, Enfamil A+ Lactose Free, Enfamil A+ Thickened, or Enfamil A+ Soy or Nutramigen A+ Powder (454-992g) or Ready to Feed Case (237mlx18 or larger) formats only, 30222218; May 31/17
(1) Enfamil, $8 off Enfamil A+, Enfamil A+ Gentlease, Enfamil A+ Lactose Free, Enfamil A+ Thickened, or Enfamil A+ Soy or Nutramigen A+, 30221912; June 30/17
(1) Enfamil, $8 off Enfamil A+ Gentlease, tub or refill box, 30221925; June 30/17
(3) Huggies, any package of Huggies Diapers (excl. 9 ct or less), $3; 13924137; June 30/17
(21) GoodNites, $3 any package of GoodNites products (Underwear, Bed Mats, or GoodNites TRU-FIT Starter Pack or Refills), Jumbo Pack or larger, 49122002; June 15/17
(31) Live Clean, $1 any Live Clean Baby product, 04200068, NED
(34) Live Clean, buy any 2 Live Clean Baby, save $2.50, 04200071; NED
(67) Live Clean, $1 any Live Clean Baby product, 04200068, NED (French)
(67) Live Clean, buy any 2 Live Clean Baby, save $2.50, 04200071; NED (French)
(12) Motrin, Infants' or Children's Motrin, any, $2.50; 04397973; May 31/17
(1) Nestle Good Start 1 with DHA & ARA and Dietary Fibre Ready-to-Feed Nursers, $7; 10042090; July 31/17
(1) Nestle Good Start 2 Infant formula, any tub or pack, $7; 10041736; May 31/17
(2) Nestle Good Start 2 Infant formula, any, $5; 10041710; May 31/17
(1) Pampers Wipes, any one product 1024 ct or larger, $6; 205283; Apr 30/17
(3) Pampers Wipes, any one, $2; Apr 30/17 x 1; May 11/17 x 2 (printed, different pins)
(12) PediaSure Complete 4 x 235 ml pack, any, $2; 18225091; March 31/18
(1) Similac Partially Broken Down Protein, 638g container, $5; 18224027; Aug 31/17


(36) IAMS Dry Food for Dogs, any bag 4.2 kg or larger, $4; 08324942; March 31/17
(4) Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats OR Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Treats, any, $2.50; 66906243; Apr 30/17
(5) Pedigree BOGO: Buy any one (1) bag of Pedigree Small Dog+ 1.6-2.8 kg (any variety) and get one (1) bag of Pedigree Small Dog+ 1.6-2.8 kg (any variety) FREE (max value $12.50), 08324968; March 16/17
(80) Mars Canada Treats BOGO: Buy any one (1) bag of Pedigree Treats (DENTA STIX 155g-172 g, DENTABITES 140g, PEDIGREE MARROBONE 250-737g, JUMBONE 125-210g, Super Chew 260-340g, DENTABONE 500g, BREATHBUSTER 500g) and get one (1) bag of Treats (DENTA STIX 155g-172 g, DENTABITES 140g, PEDIGREE MARROBONE 250-737g, JUMBONE 125-210g, Super Chew 260-340g, DENTABONE 500g, BREATHBUSTER 500g) FREE (max value $12.99), 08324812; Feb 24/17
(1) Pedigree Denta Stix treats, any bag; $2; 08325017; March 31/17


(8) Adams Natural Peanut Butter 500g, any, $1; 51528531; May 31/17
(29) Clover Leaf Tonno Preferito Gourmet Yellowfin Tuna in Pure Olive Oil 3 x 80g pack, $1; June 30/17
(3) Green Giant Frozen Products, save $1 on any two (2) products, 60002886; Apr 30/17
(6) Sabra Hummus Spreads, $1; 10401266; June 30/17


(6) Astro Athentikos Greek Yogourt, any 2 x 150g, 4 x 100g, or 500g, $1; 11912574; July 31/17
(14) Black Diamond Natural Cheese Slices 260-280g OR Natural Cheese Sticks 252g, any, $1; 46219099; Dec 31/17
(7) Black Diamond Natural Cheese Slices 260-280g OR Natural Cheese Sticks 252g, any, $1; 46219204; Sept 30/17
(4) Black Diamond Natural Cheese Sticks 252g, any, $1; 46219220; Sept 30/17
(9) Galbani Fresh Mozarella product, any 226g-340g package, $1; 46303367; Dec 31/18
(20) Gay Lea Sour Cream, any, $0.50; 02708733; June 1/17
(15) Natrel, $1 off Natrel Bottle 310 ml, 19808390; Apr 7/17 (Valid in ONTARIO ONLY)
(11) Olympic Krema Yogurt, any, $0.50; 83703209; June 30/17
(12) Olympic Organic Yogurt, any 659g or 1.75 kg, $1; 83703283; May 31/17
(14) President Feta product, any 150g-700g package, $1; 46303370; Dec 31/18
(14) President Spreadable product, any 185g package, $1; 46303354; Dec 31/18


(6) Save $2 when you buy any Instant Cream of Wheat AND Sun-Maid Raisins, 60004101; June 30/17
(13) Barilla Pronto Pasta, any, $0.75; 32003518; Sept 30/17
(12) Dare Candy: REALSOUR, REALFruit (excl 55g), REALJubes, any, $1; 11616506; Dec 31/17
(5) Kellogg's Eggo Waffles, any 280-560g, 71582320; Dec 31/17
(20) McCain Marche 240-260g product, $1; 04622550; June 30/17
(8) Old El Paso Tortilla Bowls or Dinner Kit, $0.50; 76147106; Apr 30/17
(24) Pure Protein Value Pack, any, $1;99801341; Apr 30/17


(6) Folgers Ground Coffee, any 750-920g, $2; 30404742; May 31/17
(1) Folgers, $1 off any Folgers K-Cup Pods (12, 18 or 30 count), 30404739; May 31/17
(2) Keurig Pods, $1 on any one box of Nabob OR Maxwell House Keurig-compatible Pods, 05549577; July 1/17
(7) Maxwell House Keurig compatible pods, any box, $1; 05550467; June 30/17
(10) Maxwell House Keurig 2.0 compatible pods, any box, $1; 05549896; Dec 31/17
(7) Nabob OR Maxwell House Keurig Compatible Pods, any, $2; 05549551; June 1/17
(6) Nabob Keurig 2.0 Compatible Pods, any box, $1; 05550311; Apr 30/17
(4) Oasis Premium 1.65L, 1.75 L and 2.5 L Refrigerated Orange Juice, $1; 2251121; Apr 30/17
(7) Tassimo, $2 any Tassimo-Tetley Tea Product (NOT Valid on Tassimo-Twinings Chai Latte 457g or Tassimo-Twinings Earl Grey 42g tea), 08117263; June 30/17
(15) Tassimo, $2 any Tassimo product, 05549564; June 1/17


(4) Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Product or Fantastik All-Purpose Cleaner, any, $1; 33696847; June 30/17
(5) Windex Trigger, any, $1; 33696951; June 30/17



(9) Royale Tiger Towel Paper Towel 6 roll or larger, save $2 when you any 2; 68011824; June 30/17
(1) Royale Facial Tissue 6 multipack or larger, $1; 68011808; June 30/17
(8) Royale, $0.75 off any Royale Tiger Towel 6 rolls or larger, 68012120; Apr 31/17


(12) ALEVE, any product, $2; 07660779; June 30/17
(7) Benylin Cough PLUS, Benylin Mucus & Phlegm or Tylenol Complete, $2; 04397638; Apr 30/17
(14) Centrum Prenatal, any product, $3; 12925966; Dec 31/17
(2) Diflucan One, any product, $9; 12927180; Dec 31/17
(12) Dr. Scholl's, any product with DURAGEL Technology, $1; 07660867; June 30/17
(3) Emergen-C drink mix product, any, $5; 12927669; May 1/18 (French)
(4) Emergen-C drink mix product, any, $5; 12927744; May 1/18 (French)
(24) Ester-C, $3 off any Ester-C product, 99801345; Apr 30/17
(23) FeraMAX 150, one carton (30 capsules), $2.50; 93900218; Jan 15/18
(5) Gravol Ginger, any product, $1; 65335539; Oct 1/17
(12) Gravol Ginger $1; 65335556; Dec 31/17
(12) HydraSense, any product, $1; 07660173; June 30/17
(8) Mentholatum No Mess Vapourizing Rub, $1; 33600066; June 30/17
(24) Nature's Bounty, $3 off any TWO Nature's Bounty Products, 99801336; Apr 30/17
(12) One A Day, any product, $2; 07660144; June 30/17
(2) Opti-Free PureMoist Multi-purpose Disinfecting Solution OR Clear Care Plus Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution with HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix, any full size pack 300 ml or larger, $3; 12406962; Dec 31/17
(4) Reactine 48 ct, $5; 04398149; June 1/17
(12) RestoraLAX, any product, $3; 07660186; June 30/17
(80) Ricola, $0.75 off any bag of Ricola or any two Ricola sticks, 40502814; Apr 30/17


(3) John Frieda, $3 any John Frieda Frizz Ease product(excl. 30ml and 45 ml), 60001598; Sept 30/17


(13) Biore, any product, $1, 60001596; Sept 30/17
(8) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths 25 ct, $2; 38304066; Dec 31/18
(2) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 500ml, $5; 38304095; Dec 31/17
(2) Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion 500ml OR Cream 453g, $5; 38304109; Dec 31/17
(12) Cetaphil Moisturizer, any, (excl 60 ml, 85g Moisturizing Cream, 250ml), $3; 38306307; June 30/17
(21) Live Clean: $1 on any Live Clean product, 04200101; No Exp. Date (French)
(32) Live Clean: Buy 2 save $2.50 on any Live Clean products, 04200114; No Exp. Date (French)
(4) Live Clean: $1 on any Live Clean Fresh Face product, 04200622; No Exp. Date (French)
(4) Live Clean: Buy 2 save $2.50 on any Live Clean Fresh Face products, 04200619; No Exp. Date (French)
(4) Softlips, any, $1; 33600064; June 30/17


(2) Colgate Total Toothpaste 85 ml or larger, any, $1; 80006950; Sept 30/17
(8) Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste 85 ml or larger, any, $1; 80006948; Sept 30/17
(26) Crest, $4.50 off any Crest 3D White Whitestrips (excl.Crest Whitestrips Dental Whitening Noticeably White, trial/travel/value/gift/bonus packs), 205018; July 30/17


(2) Bic - $2.00 off any 2-pack or larger Bic Soleil Shine or Flex 5 Razors - 35410980; May 31/17 (peelie)


(13) Edgewell Personal Care - $1.00 on Playtex Sport tampons, Playtex Gentle Glide tampons, OB tampons, Carefree liners or Stayfree pads; 29010992; Dec 31/17
(12) Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion 368 ml or 400 ml, $3, 06805089; Aug 31/17
(1) Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion 368 ml or 400 ml, $3, 06805050; Dec 31/17
(13) Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion 400 ml, any, OR Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion 368 ml or 400 ml, any, $3.50; 06805092; Dec 31/7
(8) Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Skin Protectant Cream 225 ml, $3.50; 06805119; Dec 31/17
(3) Jergens moisturizer 240 ml and up, including Moisturizer for Wet Skin, any, $1; 60001568; Sept 30/17
(4) Poise, $2.00 any one package of Poise products (excl. trial size), 13929767, April 1/17
(3) Dr. Scholl's Duragel Technology, any product, $1; 07659906; Apr 30/17
(3) Tena, $2 any one Tena Women's product, 28005618; Apr 30/17

Wish List:

-Save $5 On Produce When You Purchase Old El Paso Taco Kit & Salsa
-Knorr $2 wub 2
-Oasis Juice $1.50
-Dove Baby $2
-Tim Hortons roll up wins
-Mcdonald's full coffee cards
-General Mills peelies
-Cetaphil good on Cleansing Bar, $5
-Marc Angelo, good on any, $1, $2
-Black River Angus $1
-Johnsonville Sausages $2
-Clover Leaf Toppers $1.50 or more
-Clover Leaf flavoured tuna 85g
-Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kit
-Giuseppe Pizza $2, $3
-Tetley Tea $1 NED
-Chapman's $4
-Aero-green coupon
-Kit Kat
-Werther's Original
-STAGG Chilli
-SDM Bonus Points for Pull-Ups, Easy Ups, Pampers/ Huggies Wipes
-Pampers diapers or pants $5, $10 (not Swaddlers)
-Shoppers Drug Mart Points
-PINS or codes for free products, gas cards etc gift codes------RRRLF
-Stamps (NEW, "P" stamps)
-Gift Cards $1+ ( SDM, Walmart, The Bay, Sears, Canadian Tire, Winners, Metro/Food Basics, Starbucks Coffee, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Rona etc)
-Seeds of Change FPC
-FPC Kinder Surprise or FPC Kinder Mini Eggs
-Tylenol FPC (Replacement product)
-FPC Aveeno, Neutrogena (Replacement product)
-Almost any FPC (except Pets, Yogurt, M & M's, cereal)
-McCain Onion Rings
-Dempster's Bagels
-All But Gluten
-Larabar $1
-Old El Paso shells
-Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
-Cineplex codes or tickets for Free Admission, adult or child (not BOGO)
-Movie snacks
-Kraft Salad Dressing $1
-Armstrong Block Cheese
-Lactantia cream 35%, 500ml
-Tropicana 1.75 L Drink product (Lemonade)
-Mann's Salad
-Delissio pizza, Dr. Oetker pizza, McCain or other pizza (not printed, not Ristorante)
-Bertolli Olive Oil $2
-McCain Potato Pancakes
-Pampers, Huggies pants-$4 or more
-Cottonelle $2 - good on wipes
-Colgate-Palmolive call-in $1, $5
-Oasis Refrigirated Juice
-Oasis Juice 8x200mL
-Oasis Classic Juice 960ml
-Alokozay tea $1 NED
-Nutella--not store specific
-Chocolate, almost any (not M&M's)
-Goldfish Crackers (not WUB)
-Healthy Choice Steamers $2
-Lean Cuisine
-Arctic Garden $1
-Wonderful Pistachios $1
-Haagen Dazs ice cream
-Nestle Rolo Ice Cream
-Campbells Soup (not printed)
-Aylmer, Primo or Unico canned tomatoes
-Maple Leaf or Schneiders Bacon
-Royale facial tissues $2
-Tide Pods $3
-Tide Liquid Detergent $2 or more (valid on any size)
-Downy liquid fabric softener $2 or more
-Marcelle $5 or more, good on any
-Vichy skin care (good on any)
-J&J, $3 when you buy any (1) Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Lubriderm
-Pampers Rewards codes
-Disney movie reward pins
-Canadian tire money
-Any Canadian or US non-standard quarters (Animals, Provinces, States, Parks etc.) Any, even duplicate. Will trade 1 quarter for $2 in coupons, and 1 coloured quarter for $2.50 in coupons---Always looking for them, multiples! (Not interested in Vancouver Olympic quarters at this time). Sorry, can't trade my FPCs or popular coupons for quarters.
-Used and unused Canadian & international stamps in good condition BEFORE 2000 for my collection (I will trade only regular coupons for them)

Samples (sealed and unexpired ones, please):

Boogie wipes
Samples skin care: Lancome, Biotherm, Shiseido, etc (Unexpired ones, please). Not interested in Body Lotions or Shower Gels.
Samples Eye cream
Perfume samples (Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Vera Wang, etc-Made in France ONLY), for women only, not postcard samples
Essie Sleek Stick Nail Samples
Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish strips
Venus razor

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[email protected]

Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Mar 22, 2017

Trade List:
1x VIM Sprays or Wipes
Get $2 off when you buy any 2 VIM Sprays or Wipes
-Excluding 950ml bathroom spray
- Exp: June 30, 2017

1x Special K Nourish Popped Granola with Quinoa Cereal (300g)
Save $1.00
- Exp: August 31, 2017

1x Dawn Product
Save 50 Cents
-Excluding: travel/trial size, value/gift/bonus packs
- Exp: June 30, 2017

Wish List:
Unstopables - Wax melts, in wash scent booster, premium scent booster, plug in oil refill, candle
Save $1

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Mar 15, 2017

Trade List:
Rolling Sky 2 Online -
Super Smash Flash Game -
Rolling Sky Game -
Super Smash Flash 2 v0 9b -

Wish List:
Rolling Sky 2 Online -
Super Smash Flash Game -
Rolling Sky Game -
Super Smash Flash 2 v0 9b -

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Mar 6, 2017

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Trade Rating: 9
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Feb 19, 2017

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currently updating.

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