Banana Man Toys

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  1. Chantal444k
    Ha Ha ... Banana Man Toys! I love how this is a "invites only" group.
  2. Chantal444k
    Oh and what do the Simpsons have to do with it? Could it have something to do with the shape of Homer's Head? Just asking
  3. Meg1112
    HI all.
  4. harkatsmom
    So, I have to wonder about my own sanity when I confirm that "Yes", I am sure that I want to join the group called "Banana Man Toys"

    Glad to see you back around here BM
  5. Beast Master
    Beast Master
    What really shocks me is that this is the FIRST group to be made.
  6. Sally888
    Thanks for the invite. It made me giggle
  7. Meg1112
  8. koala
    I miss my gift!!!!!
  9. willyflyboy
    I bet that if you GOOGLE "Banana Man Toys" it should be really interesting to see the results.
  10. koala
    I googled...just costumes.
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