Wal-Mart - MISSISSAUGA $$$$$ Savings

    So I took advantage of some of the Wal-Mart rollbacks and sale items with coupons and price matched a few items.

    Before price match and coupons my bill would have been $61.63
    3x Clorox bleach 1.41l @ $3.17 each
    2x Windex 935ml @ $2.93 each
    3x Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 725ml @ $4.88 each
    6x Dove GO Fresh Body Wash @ $2.88 each
    4x Advil Night time 10 pack @ 3.57 each

    This is what I paid.....
    I priced matched the Clorox bleach @ $1.99ea (Food Basics)
    I used my Windex BOGO coupon so $2.93 for the two
    I used 3 of my coupons for $1 off on any Vaseline lotion
    I used 6 of my Dove Go Fresh $2 off coupons (yup I paid .88 cents per body wash) the best deal though was on the Advil,
    I used 4 of the Loblaws coupon zone coupons as a price match for $3 off any Advil night time product (regular price $4.57 on roll back for $3.57) I got them for .57 cents each.

    My actual subtotal with price matching and coupons was $28.10+ tax
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