Granny's lil gamers

  1. bluerose
    So my grandchildren have do allot of gaming on my P.C. We have bought Minecraft and they really have loads of fun with this game.

    I try and put down rules like writing down passwords I want to know all passwords.

    No downloading anything without my permission
    This rule was just broken and the oldest downloaded League of Legions before asking.
    The game was very slow to download and I am not sure how much memory it used ?
    The children pound on my keyboard like theres no tomorrow amazing that it can take it.
    I don't have 50 bucks to invest into a game controller yet!!!
    We have a old PSII that has been well used not all the games will play on it but a couple do like Spiderman and a 4 wheeler game ,we had Lego batman but it got broken.

    Gaming stuff is way to expensive these days.
  2. Jack.Styner
    its gonna get more expensive but sales and deals appear all the time that make the games more affordable
  3. bluerose
    3.88 gb for League of Legions seems like a awful lot?
  4. Jack.Styner
    that game keeps bringing new expansions. Alot of games size these days exceed 20 gb
  5. bluerose
    Grandson showed up with a 20.00 steam card and purchased a game on the computer, I have had steam before lego movie and it works well enough. Grandson took League of legions off the p.c. I was happy about that "but then" he downloaded free games and well it never ends lol. He showed up with a fancy game mouse also.
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