no clue!!

  1. Angel469
    What do i do
  2. dholden
    Hey Angel469. I started couponing after Christmas 2010. I started out slow. When I was getting groceries I just took the extra time to notice in-store deals when stuff is on sale. Then I started using a coupon here and there. Now, I look at online flyers for sales so that I can get a better deal with coupons. Here are a few good sites for coupons

    These are the major ones I use. Today I went shopping at Shopper's Drug Mart and what should have cost me $45.12 only cost me $17.20. I'm just having fun with it. Even my husband is enjoying it. Let me know if you want some more help and maybe you have some tips to pass on. Have fun.

  3. janwaree
    nice to know that there are other peeps out there who are interested in saving money and having fun couponing! cheers!

    i started couponing when i saw the show on TLC, plus i have an aunt who is crazy about coupons as well... it was the show that made me realize that it was really fun and easy to do.. my aunt was the one who told me about this website.. there are a lot of great things about this site.. i really love it! but sometimes i just don't have the time to figure it out and its driving me nuts! ..then i came across this page.. i sure hope we get to talk about new things we learn about this site.. i just found out how to make tickers it was really fun!

    my next step hopefully is to have friends that we talk to and discuss things about couponing!

    talk to you all soon!
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    im new too but if it woks and u save money thats great
  5. cheap mom
    cheap mom
    Hi everyone, I'm also new, participated in my first 2 trains this week. Can't wait to see how that will go. I also did my first trade. It's so exciting!! I just love to save money.
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