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  1. Lattelady
    Zellers new flyer the crackers ar $2.00 using both coupons and PM at LD you will pay $0.50 for both 2 +2= 4 - 1.50 -2.00= $0.50

    *Monday Feb 7 Update*

    I just went and bought 8 boxes, no problem PM the Zellers flyer
  2. Lattelady
    Just got the Redplum flyer, very disappointed with the amount of coupons. Ragu has a full ad, with a recipe but no coupon , what were they thinking?
    I sent an email to www.Ragu.ca , saying I look forward to the coupon flyer and the discounts I get with them and suggested they put a coupon on the next full page add they do. Will update if I hear back from them.
  3. Lattelady
    RCSS has coupon zone coupons for the following items
    Premium plus
    Cloverleaf take 5
    there are also Manufacturers coupon out for these items, RCSS allows one Coupon Zone and one Manufacturers coupon on an item.
  4. Lattelady
    No Frills has Kraft Dinner $4.97 for a case this week
    Arm & Hanner liquid detergent $3.97 not sure if there are any coupons out?
    Kleenex ultra soft $3.99 you might want to PM at LD and stack the coupons
    Coke 2L $0.97
    Red delicious ,Mcintosh, or fuji $2.97 for 5 lbs
  5. Lattelady
    Ok, who have found the new Kraft coupon? and where?
  6. dealseeker80
    thanks for the tips lattelady!
  7. Lattelady
    I found the Kraft coupon IGA
  8. MMKay
    Which IGA location?
  9. Lattelady
    IGA in Coquitlam , Johnson street
  10. shootingstar
    I am new, please bear with me!!

    For the premium plus I have the 1.50 off but where do you get the $2 one from??

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