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  1. Lattelady
    RCSS coupon zone ( at the front of the store) you have to take the zellers flyer to have them price match the premium crackers and then use the coupon zone coupon and the premium cracker coupon(which is called a manufacterers coupons) to buy 2 boxes . Does that help?
  2. Lattelady
    RCSS coupon zone has a $1.50 save on Ziploc , the 50 bag box is on for $1.99 use this coupon and any manufacture coupon with this.
  3. shootingstar
  4. nattyb
    This week, Shoppers Drug Mart has their Multibionta multivitamins (30 count) on sale for $9.99. Use your $10 coupon, found in Feb 12th Smartsource flyer.
  5. Lattelady
    No Frills, had the Sunlight Laundry soap , it is not HE so if you have a newer machine this is not a deal for you , if you have an older machine you might want to look into this. $4.77 and there are 2 coupons you can use, one is from the coupon zone and the other is a manufactures coupon which will bring your cost down to $2.77
  6. Lattelady
    Safeway has the small bag of Beniful dog food for $5.27 a bag , use you $5 off coupon from Save.ca and pay $0.27 plus HST for a bag
    Also have the Busy Bones for $3.18 and there is a $3 off coupon from save.ca
    Wow thanks for the Dog food sale info!
  8. Lattelady
    No Frill has Kleenex for $3.99 use the $1.50 off coupon zone from RCSS and one of the many manufactures coupons for $1.00 off and pay $1.49 for 6 boxes
  9. Lattelady
    Safeway have the new Nightime Advil on sale for $4.49 there is a $4 off coupon at Safeway and SDM, when used the item will cost $0.49
  10. Lattelady
    SOF have the Christy cookies for $2 use the buy 5 save $5 and pay $1 a box

    Also get them to PM the No Frill flyer to get Kraft Salad dressing gor $1.99 then use the buy 5 save $5 coupon pay $4.95 for 5 bottles.
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