Tide on Sale at Rexall!

  1. Biggette
    Rexall (BC)

    Rexall has an in-store coupon booklet, (Jan 28 - Feb 10) and on the 3rd to last page is Tide (20-30 loads) for $5.49.

    If you take the flyer to London Drugs, you can price match it and then do this:

    2 x Tide at $5.49, use 2 x $5 off wub2 (stacking) = 98 cents total!

    I've done this once already and I'm going back today to do it again!!

    Happy Shopping!
  2. JaxtensMommy
    Is tide stackable? I thought all P & G weren't I am running low so I would love to know what I should look out for :D
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