new couponer...where to find tearpad coupons?

  1. Shalaya
    Hello everyone:

    I have scoured my local grocery and department store and can't seem to find too many tearpad coupons. I found one for Dove soap but that was it. Am I looking at the wrong time of the week. Which was friday or am I blind...hahaha or just a newbie.

  2. lenda
    Same problem in Victoria. They only put out the tear-off coupons at certain times of the year and not all stores do shelf coupons. They seem to rely on the Redplum, PG saver and Smart Source flyers to supply the coupons.
  3. TDPhotoArt
    I have found many of my tear-off coupons at Wal-Mart and Co-op. SDM sometimes has some. No Frills also at one point had many, however in the last month or so they have quit putting them out! Both our WalMart and Co-op have also been putting out Recipe Booklets which have many coupons in the back.
  4. MateosMama780
    They also have quite a few at Safeway also.
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