finding coupons.

  1. ford64
    Hello everyone i have had some luck finding coupons, i live in a small town to its pretty hard, i have access to the smartsource but haven't seen a redplum insert. sunday newspapers rarely has coupons so ive been printing off the net. how is everyone else doin.
  2. Couponinginthecountry
    I'm also in a very, very small town. I've learned that Smartsource and Red Plum come in our free weekly flyers a week later than others get them. I'm also lucky enough to have parents who live in the city and save their coupons for me! Be sure to have coupons mailed to you by: websaver,, pgbrand and go coupons! May help to save a little bit of ink!
    I live in Brampton and believe me its just as hard for me. I use to coupon back when I was going to school full time and started back over a year ago. One thing I found is that its harder and the offers are not as good.

    You would think in Toronto you would find things easily. Not true, I see people in the stores taking the whole tear pad or taking more than needed.

    I get the Smart Source insert and have only received the Red Plum twice since moving to Brampton.

    On to the post topic.... I usually find coupons in higher priced pharmacy, grocery and department stores.
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