Toronto Coupon Meet-n-Greet

  1. courtreporter
    Thanks Spice.
  2. leopakes
    Hi everyone,

    I'm not sure how I got an invite to this group but Thank You. I'm about an hour north of Toronto and very busy with 5 kids and work so I don't know if I could make any get togethers but I'd love to try!
  3. Ricki911
    Thanks! Would love to try this out but T.O a little far from me Even while in Oshawa for school.
  4. spice_43
    Ok so it is time to put on our thinking caps and try to come up with a time and a place to have our first Meet-n-Greet for the Toronto coupon collectors....

    I was thinking of the evening of Wednesday February 4th around 5:30pm as this gives us time to get things organized and advertise the date in order to get more people involved...

    Any thoughts on this date and a suggestion for location? We had mentioned either Timmys or a bar and somewhere close to TTC/Subway...

    Looking forward to everyones feedback =)
  5. leopakes
    I won't be able to make it, I don't have a clue how to get anywhere past Markham lol and our daughter has soccer practice every Monday and Wednesday nights.

  6. tinad
    I would love to try this out, but I'm not sure how much I'd be able to make it. I work in Aurora & live in Markham...
  7. spice_43
    I am guessing this idea kind of died because no one responsed that they could make it....
  8. coolgirl
    Hi all, It would be really good if we can make a Toronto group.
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