Trade anything group (maybe hobbies?)

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  1. Weeeooojr
    So...what's there to trade?
  2. Weeeooojr
    Do any of you play trading card games, collect money (coins, paper money, foreign) stamps...I like trading
  3. nv_jenn
    Thanks for including me....

    I dont really collect anything that could so much as be mailed but I am getting my son into stamp collecting.
  4. nv_jenn
    or video games!
  5. Mbgurl
    Thanks for invite! What a good idea!

    I think my hobby is hobbies LOL I collect all sorts of things - can't think of 'em all just now but I'll get ball rolling and maybe you others will mention things to rattle my recall? Warning: I'm a packrat who loves scouring antique and 2nd hand shops, garage sales too. Most of my household is boxed up presently due to renovations but it may take a bit before we really get going trading while we get to know each others preferences and tastes anyway, so I'll have time to look around.

    Like art, being an artist myself, and might trade one or two unframed Abouriginal art prints possibly - depends what the offer is? Porcelain, china, glass, pottery and crocks and especially like old teapots, cookie jars, salt n pepper sets and odd old (but still useable & useful to useful-ish) kitchen gadgets. Some ornaments. Have hundreds of vinyl records. Some coins left that my sis didn't steal and sell for face value to buy smokes & have a few stamps she didn't get still left. Assorted books, prefer hardcovers when possible. Vintage & antique cookbooks, clothes and asst'd other misc. items. Might trade some old board games maybe? Like tapestries but the newer more cheaply made & printed sort I am not interested in. If anybody here in Wpg. joins this group, there's other things I would trade too. A pair of Bauer mens size 11 skates that were used once and stowed away. X-country skis & a pair of sz 7 Zermat boots since doubtful I will be able ski again - if I can one day, will treat myself to new set. There's more but that's a good enough start for now.

    Oh ya - Like to garden and would swap seeds, bulbs, or root stocks etc. with other gardeners.

    Weeeooojr has a different group going for video games, or is it cool to trade that in here too - anyone looking for old Turbo Graffix16 game cards? Actually, I am looking for those right now too, cuz like most of my things right now, they are packed away gosh knows where?

    Would love to get my hands on a few interesting old tiles, even if only one of but depends on if design appeals? Might consider newer mural set, even it only 4 pcs. but must be complete. Even like fossils and pretty stones, geodes etc.

    Think about it folks. Some of you could be into comics, stuffed animals and maybe even beanie babies, or dolls, action figures, hot wheels, old doilies, lace or old embroidered linens or quilts, baseball or other cards, craft supplies, rug hooking, old costume jewellery, or maybe you are looking to start collecting them? What about postcards, matchbooks, swizzel sticks, ....? Hm, maybe just as easy to mention things you'd like to get like did as well as mentioning some you have to trade?

    Hard to trade if we're too quiet. C'mon, let's get to know each other a little better.
  6. Mbgurl
    LOL, how's that for trying to break the ice?
  7. abc642
    Wow, good post Mbgurl and thanks to Weeeooojr for creating the group.
    I don't know how much I really have to trade, but you never know.
    I've got a very tiny foreign/old money collection that I haven't looked at for years.
    Video games (Not too many though)
    An extra Club Nintendo Wii registratin PIN for Link Crossbow Training worth 50 coins.
    Some old Magic the Gathering cards (a very select few), possibly some other types of cards, I'd have to check.
  8. Giving-Small
    Thanks to whoever invited me. This looks like a fun group. A lot of people collect pins and those are small items to mail.

    I have an unusual hobby/passion - I raise money for to buy dairy cows for families in Africa and Bangladesh - on cow #17, so I get lots of things given to me for my virtual garage sale on Kijiji and some are collectables. Here's some that I may have traded:

    Tenderleaf Tea had a premium(gift) in their boxes in the 1960's - a series called The Canadian Birds - 2 inch high porcelain birds- I had 8 of them
    -Small sized antique crock
    -Various cards - baseball, Yu - gi -oh

    -Are there rules about what you can trade for? I usually trade for Shopper's or CT or stamps.

    Stuff I have now.
    Right now I have some things - off beat ones -
    1. Unopened vintage bridal pantyhose circa 1970s (can find on ebay too)

    2. 4 large (maybe 15 inches round?) helium balloons that say "For a Great Teacher" with classroom objects on them. Offer me anything, please.

    3. Legion Arena PC video game (Unopened)

    4. Procelain China Bird
    Porcelain China Skunk

    These can be traded separtely.

    The Skunk figurine doesn't have any markings that I can spot.

    The bird (2 inches high by 3.5 inches) has a yellow breast and yellow on its back. The bottom of the bird has brown handwriting with this info:
    551 / 0

    The stamp on the bottom says Made in England, Goldscheider with (My)ott, Son & Co.
    "Marcel moved wartime production to Staffordshire, England setting up a collaboration with the factory. This ran from 1939 until 1950 and pieces produced during this period are marked ‘Goldscheider with Myott Son & Co.’"

    5. Ty Beanie Baby - Sweeper with a soccer ball (new condition)

  9. htebxbeth
    i don't collect anything. just coupons. ho hum.
    giving-small, what is the organization you raise money for? do they have a website? i think that's a great idea!!!!
  10. Weeeooojr
    Rules on what you want to trade are whatever you and whoever you're trading with agree on! abc642, what trading cards do you have? What are the magic the gathering cards that you have..what set are they from?
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