My Dog Chanel

  1. bluerose
    This is our lovely dog Chanel we got her when she was one year old she had met a porcupine who pierced her eye with quills so she has only one eye now,she can see very well but sometimes she knocks into things,Chanel loves balls and chasing cats outside,she is very good with our cat though but if the cat is outside well she better run because the chase is on.

  2. bluerose
    This is Chanel with Puppy who was found wondering around,Puppy is in dog heaven now my grand daughter realy misses her.

  3. bluerose
    This is Missy and she is a handfull she was given to my son and family,Missy is always hungry and is always on the look out for food she will jump on the counter and table is always in the garbage can. Missy also has a promlem with going pee and will pee and poo in the house no matter how many times she goes outside,she loves to play and hates smoke and fire. Missy is loved but my son does not know what to do about her behavoir.
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