Coupons for Healthy Eating & Living

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  1. LilJazzDancer
    Welcome to the group everybody!

    I am curious to find out if your grocery store has an organic/healthfood section.

    I am located in Southwest Ontario. I have a Price Chopper in town that has a limited offering of healthfoods - they come and go it seems. Maybe there is not enough demand for the clientele? Then there is Sobeys, which has a pretty good offering and next in line is Zehrs, which probably has the largest organic produce section and a large healthfood section with supplements and all (pricey though).

    Would love to hear how you guys & girls are making out in other parts of the country!
  2. lizzyurb
    Superstore in Sudbury has a nice selection of Organic produce and a section for dry, dairy and medicinal products!!

    Coupon booklets can be found in the dry products section with soy beverages, juices, Natures path, vitamins , etc..
  3. Chantal Figeat
    Chantal Figeat
    I've never been able to get around the high cost of organic food, so I don't buy it often. I do concentrate on eating basic healthy stuff.

    My nearby Safeway has a good selection of organic products. The Saveonfoods I go to also has a selection.

    It's harder to find coupons for healthy products, but I think the manufacturers have caught on to the fact that a good number of consumers are looking for healthy and eco-friendly products.
  4. LilJazzDancer
    Welcome Chantal!
    Glad to see you join the group (thanks lizzyurb for sending Chantal over here!)
    I am slowly starting to see a change too and will come across the odd coupon for organic, healthy products. Let's hope this trend keeps up! I'm starting to collect these types of coupons and once I have a nice collection amassed we'll get a train rolling!
  5. Chantal Figeat
    Chantal Figeat
    Hi Everybody,

    I was in COSTCO over the weekend, and picked up my first box of Nature's Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch cereal. A 1 k.g. box for 5.49. It's certified organic and tastes great with soy milk. Low in sugar, but not bland. Like it better than Kashi.
  6. LilJazzDancer
    COUPON ALERT: Zehrs currently has a healthy coupon book available for products that are available in their healtfood section! Just go to their counter and ask for one - there are many different coupons available for a variety of products. Nice little booklet!
  7. LilJazzDancer
    Welcome to the new members of this group! Maybe we can arrange for a coupon train with "healthy coupons" soon?
  8. lucas001
    Lucas001 here. I am new to the group. I want to learn as much as I can about eating healthy.
  9. meadow
    Hi all!

    This link is probably listed elsewhere, but here it is again. I picked up a "Healthy Shopper" coupon booklet in my local health food store a few months ago. The coupons are good until Mar. 2010 for the most part. They also offer the coupons online once you register on their site.

  10. BookMom
    I just started a coupon train to send out coupons expiring at the end of March so that they will get used. The train will include coupons from the Healthy Shopper booklet that I'm not going to use. Thought I would let you know, in case anyone is interested!! Here is the link:
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