BC Stackers and Friends

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  1. jojos_n_kelowna
    C'mon you know you wanna join!!
  2. Amanda83
    Thanks for the invite Jojo! I look forward to all the tips and fun things you all have to share
  3. freebiehunter
    I have a bit of stacking phobia...but have done it a couple of times.....maybe I can work through it - LOL!
  4. jojos_n_kelowna
    Welcome Amanda!

    Hiya FreebieHunter! Yes you can HUN!! We'll stand behind you...well from behind the computer screen anyway...cheering you on! You can do it!

    If there is anyone I've missed that you would like to include that I've forgotten, just let me know and I'll send them an invite. TY!
  5. Shopaholic Beaver
    Shopaholic Beaver
    Wonderful! Look forward to sharing coupons and deals with you all. I'm a stay at home mom with 2 children (although my girl is heading to grade 1 next week......... ahhh mixed feeling about that. My little guy is 2 1/2 and keeps me hopping!
  6. itsakeychain
    I'm in!!! Thanks for creating this
  7. Who's Driving me ?
    Who's Driving me ?
    Hey hey, here I am
  8. Shop Girl
    Shop Girl
    Thanks for the invite!! Hello all, I still have a phobia but try to overcome it each time... it goes away when I'm leaving the store but comes back every time I go again to stack ;-)
  9. jojos_n_kelowna
    Welcome Welcome....anyone want a Nestea Vitao or Aquafina Plus? I have lots! LOL!

    Hiya Shopaholic Beaver, Itsakeychain and Who'sDrivingMe!

    Everyone have their shopping list ready for SDM 20x event tomorrow? I'm pumped!
    I noticed in the flyer for tomorrow only they have the John Frieda hair products on for $4.99 (reg about $9.99) and if you have the coupon from the 'Beautiful You' booklet $5 wub2, it would be about $2.50 each. AND!! at my LD they have a special on right now, when you buy 2 JF products, you get a free 'detangling leave in' (WHICH I NEED FOR MY MOP OF HAIR)! So I think I'll be PM'ing these at LD!
  10. jojos_n_kelowna
    LMAO Shop Girl! It's called 'I can't miss this deal' aphobia!
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