BC Stackers and Friends

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  1. harbie
    I know it's late but I wanted to actually post something inhere .
    I stacked at LD a few days ago and after PMing WM Catelli and SOF's Sunlight Green I got 10 boxes of pasta and 3 Sunlights for $2.94 after tax ($1.80 before tax)!!! The girl that was behind me just stood there with her jaw open and kept muttering" how on earth did you manage that???". I just said " Smart Canucks, coupons and an amzing cashier (patti is my fave and she was blushing ).
  2. harbie
    I got all the stuff in the Ensure pic above for 74c OOP! I was super excited
  3. harbie
    where is everybody????
  4. jojos_n_kelowna
    Awesome deals harbie!! Sorry I've been so busy and forgot to check this thread! I wish I could set it up so that we get an email when something is posted here! Maybe I'll suggest that to BOO!
  5. harbie
    jojo, that would be a great idea . I admit I forgot about this group for a while but now I usually check it regularly.
  6. harbie
    I guess no one comes here anymore
  7. BuggaBugga
    I come look at this everyday, but I haven't been to LD in awhile to buy anything signif. Good flyer out this week, let's see those deals!
  8. jojos_n_kelowna
    Hiya peeps!
  9. freebiehunter
    I really need something new to stack. Waiting for some lysol soap dispenser coupies in the mail - anyone stack these yet?
  10. harbie
    I have done a few Ensure stacks and the last one I did was the kellogg's bars and cascade. Mind you as soon as I get my grubby little fingers on the new coupons from SS(the instore ones) like the Green Clean I plan on stacking some more .

    I don't have any stackable sor any coupons for the Lysol Soap dispenser otherwise I'd try it.
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