BC Stackers and Friends

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  1. jojos_n_kelowna
    No I don't have the Lysol soap coupon either!
  2. harbie
    I thought I read here that there is gonna be a $5 Lysol coup in this next SS coming this weekend.
  3. harbie
    Hey, Gasjoc should be here too
  4. gasjoc
    Ok thought you all could hide from me hey..LOL Thanks Harbie for pointing this out.. Now I can pick everyone's brains..LOL
  5. gasjoc
    Ok first question.. At LD can you get stuff for free.. I know I pay the tax but say if something is 2.99 and I have 3.00 they just price addjust to 2.99 right?? The last LD trip I did she wouldn't let me.. at first she said I had to at least pay 1.00 I told her I didn't think so. we settled on .03 cents but could someone clear that up for me..

  6. gasjoc
    Ok where is every body???? I don't have a life so I figure no one else should..LOL
  7. barbs
    I guess most people are posting under "brag" or "deals"
  8. barbs
    (bump) anyone still here?..............
  9. BuggaBugga
    Not much action in here.
  10. lenda
    Stacking, I LOVE stacking. Save On does stacking too.
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